LeGrand's Definitions

  1. White Anchovy:
    A species of small silvery fish that comes from the Mediterranean and Southern European coastlines. We will be using the White, High Quality, anchovies from Spain.
  2. Artichoke:
    The Globe Artichoke is cultivated in California. It is the bud of a large plant from the thistle family and has tough petal shaped leaves.
  3. Au Jus:
    A French term used to refer to meat served in it's natural juices.
  4. Bearnaise:
    The most notable of all hollandaise sauce variations. It is made with Red Wine and Vinegar Reduction, flavored with Tarrargon. Great with Grilled Meats & Fish.
  5. Bechamel:
    One of the French Mother Sauces. Made by whisking scalded milk with roux and seasonings.
  6. Bisque:
    A thick, rich soup consisting of seafood stock, pureed seafood, and cream. Sometimes with vegetables
  7. Bordelaise:
    Brown sauce that includes Shallots and Red Wine.
  8. Bourbon Apple Butter:
    Sauteed Granny Smith Apples, Caramelized with Brown Sugar, Deglazed with Jim Beam Black, mounted with Butter.
  9. Brining:
    Process of soaking uncooked meat in heavily salted water allowing the meat to absorb more water so the meat will be very moist after cooking.
  10. Caper:
    Flower Bud of a bush native to the Mediterranean and part of Asia. The Buds are Picked, Dried and Pickled in Brine.
  11. Certified Angus Beef:
    Angus Beef between 9-30months old that is superior in color, texture, firmess, and tenderness with a modest or higher degree of marbling that is fine to medium in texture, but yielding very high quality beef.
  12. Chiffonade:
    "Made of Rags". Refering to thins strips of vegetables and herbs.
  13. Cold Smoke:
    Process reserved for Fish or Cheese. Held at 34degrees while smoke is introduced to its environment as a means to preserve and add flavor.
  14. Coulis:
    A puree of Fruit or Vegetables, used as a flavoring agent to other sauces or soups.
  15. Cowboy Ribeye:
    The Center Best Portion of the rib steak with bone attached. Most Marbling, Most Flavorful Steak enhanced by Dry-Aging.
  16. Cremini:
    Dark Brown, Slightly Firmer variation of Cultivated White Mushrooms. Immature Portabella.
  17. Crostini:
    Toasted Bread Slices, brushed with Olive Oil and served with toppings.
  18. Dry Aging:
    Process used to Flavor Beef and Tenderize it as the natural enzymes in the muscle break down the connective tissue and muscle fibers. Beef is maintained at 32-34 Degrees with 80-85% Humidity. Chef will age the Ribeye, Strip and T-Bone.
  19. Espagnole Sauce:
    Foundation for all Brown Sauce; rich brown Veal Stock thickened with a brown roux, Simmered with Mire Poix, Bouquet Garni, and Wine.
  20. Filet Mignon:
    Boneless cut of meat from the Small End of the Tenderloin. Most tender of cuts.
  21. Flat Iron Steak:
    Very Lean Steak cut from the Shoulder. Should be sliced thinly on a bias.
  22. Florida Citrus Butter:
    White Wine, Orange, Grapefruit, Lemon, Lime, Bay Leaf, Pepper, Garlic and Thyme. Reduced down and mounted with Butter.
  23. Fresh Mozzarella:
    Introduced in Naples. The Most Highly Prized and Perishable. Made from Water Buffaloes Milk.
  24. Gluten:
    Protein in Wheat Flours
  25. Grits:
    Coarsely ground Corn Kernels cooked 1 part corn to 2-3 parts water until there is a Porridge like consistency. Season with Salt or Sugar.
  26. Gruyere:
    Swiss, Moderate-Fat cow milk cheese with a rich, sweet, nutty flavor that is prized for eating and cooking.
  27. Heirloom:
    Ancient Varieties of native Non Hybrid Fruit and Vegetables. Prized for Full Flavor.
  28. Hollandaise:
    Very Rich and Creamy. The most basic sauce made of the Egg and Oil Emulsified with Lemon Juice used to embellish Vegetables, Fish and Egg dishes.
  29. Maytag Blue:
    Produced in 1941 as Frederick L. Maytag II tried to reproduce Roquefort with his herd of award winning Holsteins on his Iowa Farm. Ranked one of the world's finest blue Cheeses.
  30. Meringue:
    Whipped Egg Whites with Sugar to form a stiff paste.
  31. Micro Greens:
    Young, Leafy Greens and Herbs such as Cilantro, Basil, Arugula & Spinach.
  32. Mire Poix:
    Mixture of Chopped Onion, Carrot, and Celery used to flavor Stocks and Soups.
  33. Mojo:
    Sauce: Olive Oil, Garlic, Paprika, and Cumin with Vinegar, Lemon, Lime or Orange.
  34. Mornay Sauce:
    Bechamel Sauce with Gruyere Cheese.
  35. NY Strip:
    Second Leanest Steak cut from the Short Loin. Strip of fat gives the steak flavor along with the dry aging process.
  36. Panna Cotta:
    Italian Dessert made of Cream, Milk, Sugar, and Gelatin. Cooked and Chilled to set like a Firm Pudding. Chef folds in Horseradish for Crab and Shrimp Louie.
  37. Portabella:
    Large Dark Brown mushroom. Fully mature Crimini. Fully exposed Gills promote Moisture Evaporation resulting in a Rich, Meaty Flavor.
  38. Polenta:
    Coarsely ground yellow cornmeal, cooked with Stock and Flavored with Onions, Garlic, and Cheese. Eaten as is or allowed to set then sliced, sauteed and topped with cheese.
  39. Ponchartrain:
    Pan roasted mushrooms with Onions, Garlic, Peppercorns, Bay Leaf, Deglazed with White Wine, Reduced , add cream, Reduced, added to pan with Seared Shrimp, Red & Green Peppers, Tarragon and Creole Mustard.
  40. R1 Steak Sauce:
    House made Veal Demi Glaze based Steak Sauce.
  41. Radicchio:
    From the Chicory Family with Red and White Leaves. Somewhat Bitter. Used in Salads.
  42. Red Wine Demi-Glaze:
    Rich Brown Veal Stock thickened with a Brown Roux. Reduced with Mire Poix, Tomato Paste, Red Wine, Brown Roux, and more Veal Stock added. Reduced again.
  43. Remoulade:
    French Sauce made by combining Mayo with Mustard, Capers, Chopped Gerkins, Herbs and Anchovies.
  44. Rock or Spiny Lobster:
    Found in almost all Warm Water Seas. Provides Tail Meat Only.
  45. Roux:
    Mixture of Flour and Fat. Used  to thicken soups, sauces, and stews. Usually made with butter and cooked slightly to erase the raw flour taste.
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