Systems Ch. 3 Auto Pilot/ Flight Director

  1. What does an amber RUD, AIL, EL annunciation on the EADI indicate
    Sustained servo actuator overload
  2. What does a Red AUTO TRIM on the CWP indicate
    Extreme elevator or rudder servo actuator overload
  3. What other light would be expected with a Red AUTO TRIM light
    Master Warning
  4. What 2 ways can the HDG bug be moved
    • HDG knob on the course/ heading panel (CHP)
    • Turn knob on the Autopilot Panel (APP) 
  5. What F/D modes are not selectable from the Mode Select Panel (MSP)
    GA, PTCH, and ALTS
  6. What information is displayed when the Go Around button is pushed
    Heading hold and nose up pitch
  7. What will cause the Auto Pilot to disconnect
    • P ushing either AP disconnect button on either control wheel
    • U sing a Main or STBY Pitch Trim
    • S electing AP or YD switch to disengage
    • S tall warinng activation 
    • P ushing either GA button
    • A P or FD Failure
    • P ulling the AP or FD circuit breakers
  8. What warnings are given when the YD is disengaged
    A yellow box with YD inside appears on the left side of EADI no audible warning
  9. What does the NAV mode in white indicate
    NAV is armed and waiting to capture
  10. When is 1/2 Bank inhibited
    During both NAV and APPR mode after LOC capture
  11. How is a back course selected
    The HSI course pointer is set to the localizer front course
  12. Can APPR mode track a VOR
    Yes, but will be more sensitive
  13. While in APPR mode can the FD command bars be cancelled
  14. What is the defference between APPR mode and NAV mode on an ILS
    APPR mode will track a GS and NAV mode will not
  15. How is a NAV mode cleared
    Selecting HDG or APPR
  16. Is the HDG bug active after pressing APPR mode or NAV mode on the MSP
    Yes, the HDG bug is active until the LOC or VOR captures
  17. What basic modes are displayed after initial power up for the FD
    HDG and VS
  18. If GS is intercepted prior to the LOC how does the FD respond
    GS is not captured unless LOC is captured first
  19. What is the function of 1/2 Bank mode
    Reduces bank angles from 27 degrees to 13.5 degrees in HDG and NAV modes
  20. What if any indications are displayed on the EADI when 1/2 Bank is selected
    None, just the light on the 1/2 Bank push button illuminated
  21. While in ALTS or with GS captured, pressing the pitch wheel will do what
    Nothing. ALTS and GS captured inhibit the pitch wheel
  22. Where is the flight advisory speed displayed
    In the upper right corner of the EADI when ALT or ALTS has captured
  23. When in GA mode what does pressing the VERT SYNC button do
    Changes to PTCH mode and captures the current pitch angle
  24. What performance does CLIMB mode give
    At least 100 fpm climb till airspeed reaches stall speed
  25. What are the 3 speeds for CLIMB mode
    High= 180, Med= 160, Low= 140 (Depandent on altitude)
  26. How is the FD put into PTCH mode
    • VERT SYNC pushbutton is depressed in GA mode
    • Glideslope signal is lost after GS capture
    • Air Data system failure occurs 
  27. What is the purpose of the NAV L/R button light on the glare shield
    Used to couple left or right navigation sourse to the FD
  28. A DR displayed in the upper left while in NAV mode indicates what
    Dead Reckoning
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