1. Atheism
    Denies existence of God
  2. Agnosticism
    Doesn't confirm of deny God
  3. Theodicy
    An answer to the problem of evil, believes in God because evil exists.
  4. St. Augustine's theodicy....
    "Privatio boni" (privation of goods) something becomes evil when it ceases to do what it's purpose was.
  5. Kierkegaard said about truth
    Truth is subjectivity
  6. Paul Tillich's truth about God
    Believed God "precedes" all beings, the ground upon which all beings exist, can't be perceived as an object.
  7. Mary Daly
    Radical Feminist, images of the bible believed to be sexist.
  8. Rationalism vs. imperialism knowledge
  9. A priori Knowledge
    Get it from ourselves, not through experience
  10. A posteriosi knowledge
    verified through experience
  11. Berkley's immeteralism
    That only our minds and thoughts exist, no material world
  12. David Hume
    problem of induction
  13. Emanuel Kant
    inverted everything, the world has to convert to our minds.
  14. Inductionism
    Francis Bacon, and it was a precursor of the scientific method.
  15. Know what a paradigm in Kuhn's theory?
    a paradigm according to Kuhn is not only the current anomaly, that can't be explained, but the entire worldview in which it exists.
  16. Gettier challenged....
    Knowledge and justified true belief is the definition of knowledge.
  17. Correspondence Theory of truth
    states that truth is determined only by how it relates to the world and wether it accurately describes that world.
  18. Objection to correspondence theory of truth
  19. deflationist theory of truth
  20. pragmatic theory of truth and how it relates to relitivism
    what works for us as a group can become truth
  21. instrumentalist and how it applies to science
    how we predict anything
  22. how does scientific realism relate to the correspondence theory?
  23. What is Hermeneutics?
    Study of interpretation of words or actions
  24. Why does Keirkegaard Characterize faith as a leap?
    he sees faith as up-surd and objective analysis won't, we are committing to something we can't analyze.
  25. keirikegaard was an...
  26. Mary Daly's concept of sisterhood
    proposes it as an objection to.....
  27. Factual memory, Habit memory, and personal memory....
  28. De carte
    Wax experiment
  29. talsula rasa
    means blank slate
  30. John locke believed
    the mind was like tabula rasa and objected any ideas
  31. David hume thought the self was....
    "a bundle of impressions"
  32. Kant believed in
    transcendental idealism
  33. Bertrend Russell's 3 different conditions necessary for truth
    truth is a property of beliefs not things
  34. Witgenstein thought all philosophical problems could be solved by....
    the "ideal" perfect language
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