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  1. 1. If the video on your laptop is not working, what should you do to troubleshoot it? (choose all that apply) a. toggle the video function key b. try using an external monitor c. remove the display unit and reattach it. d. power the system off and back on
    A,B. Two helpful things to try are toggling the video output function key(usually Fn+F8) and pluggin an external monitor into the laptop. Removing the display is possible but not recommended.
  2. 2. while inspecting a motherboard, you notice a discolored area. What is usually a cause of this? a. spilled liquied b. improper manufacture c. power surge d. underclocking
    C. Discolored areas on the board are often cause by overheating.
  3. 3. All of the following are common problems faced in troubleshooting Windows and applications except (blank). a. general protection faults b. valid working directory c. system lockup d. application will not start or load
    B. A valid working directory is not a common problem faced in troubleshooting Windows and applications.
  4. 4. Every computer has a diagnostic program built into its BIOS called the (blank) a. CMOS b. BIOS c. POST d. DNS
    C. Every computer has a diagnostic program built into its BIOS called the POST.
  5. 5. Which of the following is an error in Windows that happens when a program accesses memory another program is using or when a program accesses a memory address that doesn't exist? a. general protection fault b. Windows protection error c. illegal operation d. system lockup
    A. a general protection fault (GPF) is a common error in Windows.
  6. 6. What would be the best thing to use to clean a laptop display? a. dry cloth b. glass cleaner c. abrasive cleaning powder d. LCD cleaner
    D. Laptop LCD video displays can scratch easily. To clean them, its best to use a cleaner designed specifically for LCD screens.
  7. 7. What two devices are commonly used to cool components within a PC? (Choose Two) A. Fans B. Compressed air C. Freon D. Heat Sinks
    A,D. Heat sinks and fans are commonly used to cool components within a PC.
  8. 8. You are having problems with the video card in one of your computers. Where could you check for troubleshooting information? (choose all that apply) a. another computer with the same video card b. the video card manufacturer's website c. the manual that came with the card d. the server log.
    B,C Good sources of troubleshooting information are manufacturer's websites, product manuals, and training materials
  9. 9. Which Windows error message is displayed when a program is forced to quit because it did something Windows didn't like? a. general protection fault b. Windows protection error c. illegal operation d. system lock up
    C. Illegal operation is the Windows error message displayed when a program is forced to quit because it did something Windows didn't like. The error's details include which module experienced the problem, the memory location being accessed at the time, and the registers and flags of the processor at the time of the erro.
  10. 10. The display on your laptop appears warped and fuzzy. You plug in an external monitor, and the image on it is fine. What is the most likely cause of the problem? a. the video card b. the LCD display c. the motherboard d. the video driver
    B. It has to be a problem with the LCD display.
  11. 11. Windows XP comes with a utility called (blank) for troubleshooting error conditions. a windows debugger b. problem reports and solutions c. windows solutions d. Dr. Watson
    D. Windows 200 and XP come with Dr. Watson, which is a debugger that can help troublshoot error conditions. Windows Vista replaced Dr. Watson with Problem Reports and Solutions
  12. 12. Which laptop input device is a flat surface that you can draw on with your finger to control the mouse pointer? a. touchpad b. touchball c. touchpoint d. touchway
    A. The touchpad
  13. 13. Before installing a new application on a computer, which of the following should you do? a. format the hard drive b. reinstall Windows c. Close all running applications d. Open Install Shield
    C. Before installing an application its best to close all open applications first. if an open application is using a file that the installation process needs to access, the installation could fail.
  14. 14. You turn a computer on, but nothing shows up on the monitor. Instead of one beep, you hear one long beep followed by three short beeps. What is the problem? a. video card dead b. motherboard dead c. BIOS dead d. Not enough info, look that shit up
    D. It may well be that the video card is dead. Different BIOS manufacturers use different beep codes, though, so you' want to look it up to be sure.
  15. 15. A user has an application that is constantly crashing. The user has rebooted, and the application is still failing. what should you do? a. reinstall windows b. reinstall the application c. use System Debugger to troubleshoot the problem d. restore a previous version of the application from a backup
    B. If an application is crashing, it's likely that there is a missing or corrupted file. Try reinstalling the application.
  16. 16. You turn a computer on and it doesn't boot up properly. From inside the case you hear a rhythmic ticking sound. What is most likely the problem? a. motherboard b. power supply fan c. hard drive d. video card
    C. The only component that typically make noise are the ones that have moving parts such as fans and hard drives. In most cases, a rythmic ticking sound will be something that's generated by the hard drive.
  17. 17. Users are complaining that their print jobs are not printing. You open the print queue and see 50 jobs lined up. The printr is connected properly and online. What should you do? a. Open Printer Troubleshooting and have it diagnose the problem. b. Stop and restart the print spooler c. Delete and reinstall the printer d. Delete and reinstall Windows
    B. If print jobs are seemingly gettin "stuck" in the printer queue, you should stop and restart the print spooler service.
  18. 18. A user calls saying his laptop won't power on. He charged it all night so he knows the batter is fine. What should you have him do first? a. plug the laptop in using an AC adapter and try to power it on b. Replace the battery with a spare and try to power it on. C. Toggle the battery power switch on the front of the laptop, then try to power it on. d. Send the laptop in for service.
    A. If a laptop won't power up on battery, always try to use AC power. You never know when a battery could have failed.
  19. 19. You have a user who needs to ensure that her print jobs are always first in the print queue. How can you accomplish this? a. You can't'; she has to wait in line like everyone else b. by setting the priority to 1 in the printer's properties c. by setting her priority to 1 in the printer's properties. d. by deleting everyone's printers and reinstalling. Be sure to reinstall this users printer first
    C. Printer priorities can ensure a user(or users) have priority access to a printer. Giving users a higher priority (higher number) means thier jobs will print first.
  20. 20. which of the following options in a printer's properties will speed up printing for your users? a. print spooled documents first b. keep printed documents c. separator page d. print directly to the printer
    A. Printing Spooled Documents First will enable faster printing. Printing directly to the printer uses physical memory on the printer to spool instead of using server memory, which can slow down the process greatly. keeping printed documents does not affect
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