truama exam FOR EMT's

  1. what are the three sighns and symptoms of a pneumothorax
    1. diminshed or absent sighns of breathing from the affected side of the injurey.

    2. Sighns of shock my be present.

    • 3. difficulty breathing 
  2. sighns and symptoms of a Tention Pneumothorax
    1. Low Blood Pressure 

    2. Difficulty Breathing     

    3. Jugular vain Distortion 
  3. what is a Hemothorax
    when the chest cavity fills with blood.
  4. What is a hemopneumothorax
    when the chest cavity fills with blood and air.
  5. what is the three signs and symptoms of a hemothorax.
    1. loss of blood

    2. shock

    3. calapsed lung    
  6. what are th three signs of a hemopneumothorax.
    1.collapsed lung

    2. shock

    3.loss of bleeding.     
  7. what is a cardiac tamponade
    when an injurey to the heart causes blood to flow in to the surrounding pericardial sac.
  8. what are the signs and symptoms of Cardiac Tamponade
    1. extended neck veins.

    2.sighns of shock

    3. low blood pressure    
    Damage to this large, high pressure vessel causes massive, often fatal bleeding

    (can be damaged without trauma)  
  10. sighns and symptoms
    1. pain in the chest or abdominal area

    2. sighns of shock

    3.difernces in bp and pulse on right &lift side   
  11. what is evisceration
    when a open wound lets out the organs of the body.
  12. the liver is one of the most commonly injured organ
    1. large size and position in the upper right quadrant.

    2.when injured it bleed perfusively.
  13. what are some signs and symptoms of abdominal injuries.
    • 1. pain
    • 2. cramps 
    • 3.nausea 
    • 4.wekneas & thurst
    • 5.laceration, puncture wounds
    • 6.coughing up or vomiting blood
    • 7.Distended abdomin
    • 8. Rigid or tinder Abdomin     
  14. what is a hemotoma
    A pooling from blood in in the body
  15. what are two reasons why bleeding is a good thing
    1. bleeding is good because it cleans out the wound from infection and other harmful bacteria

    2.Blood also cotts witch also stops bleeding, and the blood itself has enough nutrients to start the healing proces. 
  16. What is compartment syndrom
    With crush injuries some times the injured body part will swell and prevent cicrculation through that spacific part.
  17. what do you do with all abrassions.
    cover with dressing for the patients comfort and because of infiction.
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