Systems Ch.2 Pneumatics

  1. What systems are operated by pneumatic air
    Air conditioning, Pressureizations, and ice protection
  2. ____ bleed air automatically supplements the ____ flow as necessary during periods of low engine rpm
    HP, LP
  3. What compressor stage is the LP (P2.5) bleed air taken from?
  4. What compressor stage is the HP (P3) bleed air taken from?
  5. How is the HP valve controlled?
  6. How is the HP valve operated?
  7. If electric power to the HP bleed valve fails what position would the valve be in?
  8. What are the reasons the HP valve would automatically close?
    • M ain DC power lost
    • O ver temp (bleeds) 288C
    • O ver pressure (bleeds) 76 PSI
    • F ire Handle Pulled
    • S hutdown Engine 
  9. If electric power to the  LP bleed vlave fails what position would the vlave be in?
  10. What are the reasons the LP bleed valve close automatically
    • S witch Closed
    • A CM Temp over 225C
    • D uct (A/C) over 82C
    • F ire Handle Pulled
    • O ver temp (bleed air) 288C
    • O ver pressure (bleed air) 43 PSI downstream of valve
  11. What does a BLD CLOSED light indicate
    The respective BLD valve is closed
  12. What does the BLD FAULT light indicate
    • The respective BLD valve recieved a close signal but did not close
    • Bleed Air Line Over Heat above 288C
    • Bleed Air Line Over Pressure above 43 PSI downstream of valve
  13. What does a HP HIGH light indicate
    The respective HP valve is stuck. Triggers AIR COND on CWP
  14. How is HP bleed air cooled
    Through a ram air heat exchanger (precooler)
  15. A separate flow through the recooler acoomplishes _____ cooling for use by the pneumatic deicer system
    LP bleed air
  16. How are the pneumatic systems interconnected so that one bleed air source can supply both air conditioning systems
    Cross Valve (X VALVE)
  17. When can the cross valve be used
    On ground only
  18. What is required for he X Valve to open
    One bleed valve must be open
  19. How is the X valve operated
  20. How is the X VALVE controlled
  21. What does a X VALVE OPEN light indicate
    X Valve is open
  22. What does a BLD AIR LEAK light indicate
    Excessive temperature in bleed detection loop (engine to pack) above 205C. Triggers AIR COND on the CWP
  23. Will a BLD LEAK close the LP bleed valve
  24. What does a RECIRC light indicate
    Failure of the recirc fan (less than 80%)
  25. Will you get a Master Caution light for a Recirc Fan failing
  26. What overhead light will not illuminated an AIR COND light on the CWP
    L/R RECIRC light
  27. When is the Auto mode of the temp control to be used 
    Always unless inop
  28. Does the Manual mode of temp control provide temperature limiting protection to the system
  29. In the Manual mode of temp control, how long does it take to move the control valve from one extreme to the other extreme
    6-8 seconds
  30. What does an AVIONICS VENT light on CWP indicate
    Failure of the avionics vent fan
  31. While in flight, if the PRESS DUMP switch is activated what happnes
    The primary outflow valve is immediately fully opened
  32. While on the ground if the PRESS DUMP siwtch is activated what happens
    Both the primary and secondary valves are fully opened
  33. In Auto Pressurization mode what is the max differential pressure
    7.1 PSI
  34. How long after touchdown is the promary outflow valve fully opened
    20 seconds
  35. Where is the primary outflow valve located
    False bulkhead in the tail compartment
  36. How are the outflow valves controlled 
    Elevtric and pneumatic
  37. The outflow valves limit positive pressure to
    7.6 PSI
  38. The outflow valves limit negative pressure to 
    -0.5 PSI
  39. If vacuum pressure is lost what position do the outflow valves revert to
  40. In manual pressurization mode what position is the primary outflow valve in
  41. What does the CABIN PRESS light indicate
    Cabin altitude above 10,000' or cabin press exceeds 7.5 PSI
  42. Where is the secondary outflow valve located on the Saab 340
    Rear pressure bulkhead
  43. The scondary outflow valve is normally only operated in what mode
  44. What rate of cabin VSI does the detent on the auto controller provide
    500 fpm up and 300 fpm down
  45. When would the fault light on the pressurization controller illuminate
    • With a system failure
    • During a system self-test and extinguishes with no faults detected
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