Deciduous id. 6

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    Prunus triloba var multiplex

    Double Flowering Plum/Rose Tree of China (only when standardized)

    Zone 2

    Spring pink rosette-double, bright pink, broad tipped fuzzy leaf, plum fruit, reddish yellow fall color. Grows 10-12' high and wide.
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    Prunus triloba var simplex

    Single Flowering Plum

    Zone 2

    Light pink single blossom, broad tipped fuzzy leaf, plum fruit, plum fruit. Grows 10-12' high and wide.
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    Prunus virginiana 'Shubbert'

    Canadian Red Chokecherry

    Zone 2

    Edible fruit (very sour, usually used for jams and jellies), raceme flower structure, blooms in spring, white flower, glassy purple fruit, purple leaf color, green new growth, strongest arsenic smell in the twigs, suckers. Grows 20-30' high and 15-20' wide.
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    Prunus x cistena

    Cistena Plum

    Zone 3

    Shrub, puple leafed plum, simple pink blossoms, specimin for foliage and flower. Grows 5-10' high and wide.
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    Prunus domestica

    European Plum

    Zone 5

    Fruit comes in red, purple, white and green, meaty plum, white flowers, spring blooming, dont have a lenticle pattern. Grows 20-30' high and wide.
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    Prunus avium

    Sweet Cherry

    Zone 5

    Cherry commonly grown for the fruit, white flower, lenticles, 20-30 high and wide.
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    Prunus cerasus

    Sour Cherry

    Zone 4

    The other cherry sometimes grown for its fruit, white flower, better flower in edible and non-edible side, lenticles, shiny stripey bark, leticles wrap around, sour cherry very similar to sweet cherry, fruit comes in yellow, red, and purple. Grows 20-30' high and wide.
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    Prunus armeniaca


    Zone 4

    Fragrant pinkish white flower, leaf petioles always red, have stipules, reds and oranges in fall color. Grows 20-30' high and wide.
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    Prunus persica

    Common Peach

    Zone 5

    Long willow-like leaf, long narrow leaves, prietty flowers- puplish pink flower, suseptable to winter burn and peach bores. Grows 20-25' high and wide.
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    Prunus persica 'Nectarine'


    Zone 5

    Not fuzzy fruit. Leaf elongates more on the end. Grows 20-25' high and wide.
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    Hibiscus syriacus


    Zone 5

    Pink, purple and white flowers; blooms summer through fall, 3 lobed leaves. Grows 10-12' high and wide.
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    Robinia pseudoacacia 'Purple Robe'

    Purple Robe Locust

    Zone 4

    Blooms late spring or early summer, rounder leaflets, grey bark, two thorns come out on the new growth, suckers have lots of thorns, likes hotter-dry winter winds kill them. Grows 40' high and 25' wide.
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    Robinia pseudoacacia 'Frisia'

    Frisia Locust

    Zone 4

    Yellow new growth, popular in the NW, blooms white. Grows 40' tall and 25' wide.
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    Fraxinus pennsylvanica

    Green Ash

    Zone 3

    More in the West, more lustrious, darker green, lacy bark pattern, seed problems,-samaras, golden yellow fall color. Grows 50-60' tall and 20-30' wide.
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    Fraxinus americana

    White Ash

    zone 4

    More E of the Rockies, commonly street tree, good fall color, pinnate odd leaf, wider/rounder leaf than green ash, whitish casting to leaf-dusting, fast growing, hate full sun-burns, balled, yellow sometimes orange fall color. Grows 50-60' high and wide.
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    Fraxinus americana 'Autumn Purple'

    Autumn Purple Ash

    Zone 4

    Small tree, balled shape, purple fall color, same odd pinnate leaf. Grows 30-40' high and wide.
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    Fraxinus oxycarpa 'Raywood'

    Claret Ash

    Zone 6

    Found more in the southwest, narrow leaflet, lacey look, used alot as a street tree, red-purplish fall color. Grows 50-60' high and wide.
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    Acer campestre

    Hedge Maple

    Zone (4) 5

    Hedging columnar, bark ridges are cork-ie, 5 lobes, smooth rounded margins, screening, columnar formal framing, bright red fall color. Grows 20-30' tall and 10-15' wide.
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    Acer circinatum

    Vine Maple

    Zone 5

    7-9 lobes, new growth red, stems are red, bright red fall color, tends to prefer humidity, grows wild in cascades, more shrubby. Grows 10-12' high and wide.
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