General B

  1. A ladder should extend a minimum of__ above the top of a trench or excavation.
  2. According to OSHA, shoring lumber shall be __.
    select structural
  3. Cal/OSHA inspectors cannot, under most circumstances:
    enter a business outside of normal business hours
  4. Every employer is required to post Material Safety Data Sheets:
    on each job site.
  5. Handrails must be installed on all open sides of a scaffold if workers are subject to falls of or more.
    7 1/2'
  6. When boom-type equipment is in operation, how close can it be to high voltagepower lines?
  7. How should you store oily mops or rags at the job site?
    In a closed metal container
  8. Ifa Cal/OSHA inspector is coming to inspect a job site, it is best for the contractor to:
    Personally walk through the job site and check the work.
  9. In most cases, a crane cannot lift more than _ % of its capacity. Always consult the manufacturer's operations manual and all applicable codes before using a crane and never attempt to use one without being thoroughly trained and certified to operate the crane.
  10. In stable soil, a trench that is or deeper requires shoring.
    5 feet
  11. On a construction site, flammable liquids can be found in __ containers.
  12. Prior to erecting scaffolding, it is best to consult the:
    Construction Safety Orders.
  13. The rule of thumb that is used when digging a trench near another excavation is that the horizontal distance from the trench to the excavation is no less than:
    the depth of the trench
  14. What agency requires Material Safety Data Sheets?
  15. What is MSDS?
  16. What is painted red on a construction site?
  17. What is the danger of LP gas?
  18. When boom-type equipment is in transit, how close can it be to high voltage power lines?
  19. What is the minimum grade of lumber which may be used for trench shoring?
  20. What is the minimum safe distance required for people working near high voltage power lines?
  21. When backing up a truck at the construction site you should:
  22. When should you report an occupational injury on CaVOSHA Form 5020?
  23. When welding in confined spaces, the main danger is __.
  24. When welding your gloves should be:
  25. When you are working on or near an electrical service panel, what should you assume?
  26. Where would you find the requirements for scaffolds?
  27. Which is the most toxic?
  28. Which of the following is not an acceptable procedure during crane operation?
  29. Which of the following is true about outdoor receptacles used for power tools and equipment?
  30. Which of the following is true with regard to rolling scaffolds?
  31. Which of the following should be done when metal scaffolding is constructedover two stories high?
  32. Which of the following substances must be used in a ventilated area?
  33. Which of the following types of businesses is not required to keep an annual log of industrial injuries and accidents?
  34. With regards to the treatment of employees, as an employer, you should:
  35. Ifa 10 ft ladder is used, the bottom of the ladder should be how far from the wall?
  36. The maximum height of the platform on a ladder jack scaffold is:
  37. Ladders shall extend at least how far above the level they serve?
  38. Wooden supporting members that span between jacks shall be selected lumber as prescribed by CAL/OSHA and be of at least __-inch by _-inch material.
  39. All blasting operations shall be conducted by an individual who holds a valid:
  40. A safety belt must be worn by workers who are subject to falls of more than:
  41. When a safety inspection is to take place, the contractors on the job are to be given__ advance notice.
  42. Tailgate safety sessions are to be held at least once:
  43. How many safety lines per person are required for a swing stage?
  44. Safety lines are required on all suspended scaffolds higher than:
  45. Handrails are required on any scaffold that rises __ or more above the ground.
  46. What is the minimum distance required between scaffolding and high-tension power lines?
  47. Ifa contractor discovers hislher workers using an unsafe scaffold, he/she must:
  48. All scaffolding shall be at least __ in width.
  49. You are working on a 6' x 2-112' metal rolling scaffold that is 5' high. Its rubber wheels rest on a surface that is five degrees from level. When it becomes time to move to a different area, you instruct a worker to move the scaffold while you are still on it. You have proceeded:
  50. A rolling scaffold may be moved with workers on the platform if the floor surface is within of level.
  51. Railing should be provided on all scaffolds on which workers will be elevated____ or more above the floor.
  52. The total load on the platform of a light-trades scaffold shall not average more than __ pounds per square foot.
  53. How many wheels should swivel on a 4-wheel scaffold?
  54. How many wheels on scaffold should be lockable?
  55. Cal/OSHA requires a built up scaffold over 705ft high to have a __as a means of stopping falls.
  56. Cal/OSHA requires a suspended scaffold over 7.5ft high to have a guardrail (36"-42" high) and:
  57. The maximum allowed load on a swinging scaffold is:
  58. The guardrail on a suspended scaffold is __ above the platform.
  59. When toe boards are required on a scaffold, they must extend at least _ above the platform.
  60. Maximum height of pump jack scaffolding is:
  61. Minimum width of a light trades scaffold platform less than 4ft high is:
  62. The maximum height of horse scaffold is:
  63. Scaffolds may be constructed of which of the following materials?
  64. The length of extended staging on a scaffold shall not exceed 12 feet 6 inches, and the actual mechanical overlap between the two halves shall be not less than _ of the length of the extended staging.
  65. Except as specified in certain other orders, all scaffold planking shall be__ (nominal) lumber selected for scaffold grade plank.
  66. Platform planks on scaffolds must overlap the ledgers at each end by_.
  67. Which of the following scaffolds is not legal?
  68. Unless an employee is protected by a personal fall system, no one should be allowed to stand or perform work while on the top _ rungs
  69. A HAZ-WOPER (hazardous waste operations) worker must have _ hours of initial training.
  70. A HAZ-WOPER(hazardous waste operations) supervisor must have an additional _ hours of initial training and _ hours of training every year.
  71. A driver transporting hazardous material must have what type of driverslicense?
  72. When a flagman is located on a roadway, the distance between himlher and the warning sign should be approximately _ feet for each 10 mph.
  73. What should you do for a person who is suffering from shock?
  74. A worker suffers a cut and is bleeding profusely. What should you do until medical help arrives?
  75. When someone is working on a public street or highway, what color vest should he/she wear?
  76. Explosives may not be stored within _ feet of a light or power circuit.
  77. What color is sprayed on the dirt or street surface to indicate that there is pipe below carrying gas/oiVsteamlchemical?
  78. What color is sprayed on the dirt or street surface to indicate that there is pipe below carrying sewer/storm drain?
  79. What color is sprayed on the dirt or street surface to indicate that there is pipe below carrying water?
  80. What color is sprayed on the dirt or street surface to indicate that there is pipe or cable below carrying electricity?
  81. What color is sprayed on the dirt to outline a planned excavation?
  82. When setting up the outriggers on a crane, the outrigger(s) should normally extend out in order to stabilize the crane.
  83. The best protection against electric shock when using a portable power tool is:
  84. Which of the following is considered the safest way to operate a fork lift?
  85. Cal/OSHA regulations state that a single-cleat ladder can be no more than __ in length.
  86. A two piece extension ladder with an extended length of 25 feet shall overlap the two sections no less than:
  87. An extension ladder cannot exceed__ feet under any condition.
  88. What is the maximum height of a portable step ladder?
  89. When a ladder is leaned against a wall, the bottom of the ladder should be approximately away from the base of the wall.
  90. When using a ladder to climb up a roof, how far must the ladder extend past the edge of the roof?
  91. When using a two-section extension ladder the minimum lap should be __for ladders with working length up to 33', and__for ladders with working length 33-44'.
  92. When using an extension ladder on a wall that is twenty feet high, the bottom of the ladder needs to be how far away from the bottom of the wall?
  93. Who is responsible for the safety of employees on a job site?
  94. A DOSH permit is required for any trench or excavation into which workers will descend or more feet below the surface.
  95. How many workers are allowed between the falls of a swing stage?
  96. How high can scaffolding be erected before an inspection is required?
  97. How many workers can be on a window jack scaffold at one time?
  98. A worker is injured on the job; blood is gushing from his head. What should be done until medical help arrives?
  99. Free-standing bricks shall not be stacked higher than __ft.
  100. Manually handled lumber may not be stacked higher than ft. but ifa mechanical means is used never higher than __ft.
  101. What is the maximum slope of a handicap access ramp?
  102. Ramps used by people who are physically disabled should have a landing every __ inches of rise and at every change of direction?
  103. What size landing should be at the bottom of every ramp used by people with physical disabilities?
  104. What size landing should be at the top of every ramp used by the physically handicapped?
  105. When handrails are required on ramps or stairs used by the physically disabled, they should be mounted a minimum of__ inches away from the wall?
  106. At what point must an employer provide shade for his employees when working outdoors?
  107. During hot days, shade that can accommodate at least__ of workers currently on the clock must be provided at all times.
  108. All of the following are considered symptoms of heat exhaustion except __.
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