Federal Exam - Spanish

  1. Mermar
    To fade, to reduce decrease or diminish, to cut down
  2. muesca
  3. manivela
  4. lozano/lozana
    healthy looking, fresh, lush
  5. hinchas
    fan, supporter

    grudge, dislike
  6. expedir
    to issue, to send, to dispatch
  7. esquivar
    to avoid, to dodge
  8. ensanchar
    to widen, to enlarge, to let out (like a dress)
  9. engreido
  10. emolumento
    wage, salary, stipend
  11. devenir
    to turn into, to happen, to come about
  12. derrotero
    course, like the course of a ship
  13. destazar
    to quarter (cut up)
  14. decursar
    to pass, to go by, transcurrir
  15. crematistica
    the art of getting rich, el arte de hacerse rico, adquerir riquezas
  16. corrido
    Que continua
  17. comprendida
  18. consabido
    usual, habitual
  19. amedrentado
  20. parsimoniasamente
    unhurriedly, frugally
  21. fornido
    well-built, burly, hefty

    robusto, corpulento
  22. locuaz
    talkative, loquacious
  23. inquina
    aversion, dislike

    Tengo inquina a la novia de mi hijo
  24. hosco
    surly, bad-tempered
  25. poner coto a
    put a stop to
  26. complexion
  27. hostigado
  28. sentencia firme
    final judgment
  29. bajo el control de los tribunales
    under the courts supervision
  30. armas blancas
    sharp instruments/sharp weapons
  31. indiciados
  32. laudo arbitral
  33. competencia
    authority, jurisdiction
  34. penas privativas de libertad
    prison sentences
  35. cotizaciones
    membershiop fees, subscription, contribution,
  36. dejar en suspenso
    to stay (like a sentence)
  37. incumplimiento de contrato
    breach of contract
  38. circundante
    surrounding, exterior
  39. A boca de jarro
    A quemarropa, muy cerca,

    de improviso, sin preparacion
  40. atortujar
    to squeeze, to make flat
  41. escabroso
    rugged, tough, thorny, tricky, shocking, crude, lurid
  42. lujurioso
    lecherous, lustful
  43. rastreo
    thorough search, trawling, dragging a body of water
  44. indicio
    trace, sign, indication
  45. encono
    anger, fury, spite
  46. rastrillo
    rake, shaving razor
  47. barranco
    gully, ravine
  48. despecho
  49. despegar
    unstick, peel off
  50. vituperio
    condemnation, criticism
  51. incautar
    unsuspecting, unwary
  52. decomisado
    siezed, confiscated
  53. zarpar
    to set sail
  54. zampar
    to put, to stick, to wolf down, to knock a drink
  55. vejar
    maltratar a alguien, menospreciar y humillar
  56. visarro

    valiento, macho barbudo
  57. ralladura
    grated rind - like lemon or lime
  58. romo
    dull, boorish,
  59. recelar
    to distrust, mistrust, suspect, to be wary
  60. rabieta

  61. en plica
    in escrow
  62. con motivo de
    on the occasion of
  63. arrebato
    outburst, fit

    siezure as in search and siezure
  64. apogeo
    zenith, high point, peak, height
  65. La alzada
    the appeal
  66. La adquierente
    purchaser, buyer
  67. acaudalada
    rich, wealthy
  68. acatar
    to obey, comply with, observe
  69. osada/osadia
    bold, daring, audacious,

    desacarado, insolente
  70. gremio
    trade, guild, profession, fraternal order
  71. hazaña
    great deed, feat, heroic act
  72. lampiña - lampiño
    hairless, smooth-skinned, without beard
  73. ceñudo - ceñuda
  74. brotar
    to burst into, to spring, gush, sprout, to break out
  75. reñir - riña
    fight, quarrel, brawl
  76. atañer
    • ┬áto concern;
    • por lo que a mi atañe: as far as I'm concerned
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