S&F Nervous Exam

  1. Astrocyte
    Neuroglia cell that wraps itself around the brain's capillaries forming a tight sheath known as the blood brain barrier.
  2. Huntington's Chorea
    A genetic, inherited neurological disease characterized by rapid, jerky, involuntary movements with progressive dementia
  3. tonic-clonic seizure
    characterized by vacillation between rigid body extension and involuntary muscular contraction. Not common in children.
  4. Sympathetic nervous system affects?
    increases HR, BP, during fight or flight. involuntary
  5. Parasympathetic NS do?
    Decreases HR and BP during recovery . Involuntary
  6. anencephaly
    absence of brain and spinal cord at birth
  7. autism
    mental disorder characterized by the individual being very withdrawn and absorbed in fantasy, suffering from impaired social skills
  8. Anxiety
    a state of mind where an individual feels increased tension, apprehension, feeling of uncertainty
  9. delirium
    a state of frenzied excitement or wild enthusiasm
  10. repression
    involuntary blocking of unpleasant feelings
  11. suppression
    voluntary blocking of unpleasant feelings
  12. subdural space is filled with what?
    serous fluid
  13. hypothalamus
    controls sensory function, temperature, sleep and appetite
  14. medulla oblongata
    controls vital functions such as respiration, BP, and HR
  15. Thalamus
    receives all sensory stimuli (except smell) and relays them to the cerebral cortex
  16. Causalgia
    sensation of acute burning pain along the path of a peripheral nerve
  17. Cerebrum
    controls consciousness, memory, sensations, emotions, and voluntary movements. Grey matter
  18. Cerebellum
    it has an essential role in maintaining muscle tone and coordinating normal movement and balance
  19. subarachnoid space is fille with what?
  20. Cerebral Palsy
    congenital disorder characterized by a child's lack of control of voluntary muscles
  21. tension headache
    characterized by chronic contraction of the skeletal muscles around the face, scalp, neck, and upper back
  22. intracranial tumors
    can be both malignant and begnin
  23. neuroblastoma
    a highly malignant tumor of the sympathetic nervous system.
  24. trigeminal neuroalgia (tic douloureux)
    short periods of severe unilateral pain radiating along the 5th cranial nerve
  25. babinski's reflex
    dorsiflexion of the great toe and fanning of other toes
  26. bell's palsy
    occors around the 7th cranial nerve.
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