Nutrition CHO simple CHO

  1. Insuslin is needed for the uptake of glucose in most cells. The exception to this is
    the brain
  2. monosacchride often called blood sugar
    simple CHO that circualtes in the blood
    Main source of energy for the brain and CNS
    absorbed from intestine
    needs insulin to enter cell
  3. When O2 is available pyruvate gets broken down into what
    • ATP
    • CO2
    • acetyl-CoA
  4. Where does glycolisis take place
    cell fluid/cytoplasm
  5. glycolisis breaks down glucose into what
    • 2, 3carbon molecules(pyruvate)
    • ATP
  6. What is released from the citiric cycle
    • more CO2
    • ATP
  7. What is the final product of cellular metabolism
    • ATP
    • water
  8. What type of CHO is sugar
  9. What are the 3 concerns with sugar focus
    • sources in food suply
    • consumption level
    • health effects
  10. How many grams of sugar equal 1 tsp
  11. National consumption levels of sugar have ------ while consumption of HFCS has _______
    • decreased
    • increased
  12. What are possible health effects of sugar
    • nutrient displacement
    • dental cavities
    • obestity(which is a risk for DMII)
    • taxes beta cells due to high glycemic index
  13. What is the DRI for sugar
    • less than 40g
    • less than 25% of daily intake
  14. Does sugar intake cause diabetes
    No, it promotes obesity and taxes beta cells which can then lead to DMII but there is not a confirmed relationship between the two
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