Exam 3: Mediastinum Part 2

  1. Where does the thoracic duct begin?
    at aortic hiatus
  2. Which mediastinum does the thoracic duct pass through?
    posterior and superior mediastinum
  3. What is the thoracic duct continuous with?
    cisternal chyli
  4. What is the cisternal chyli?
    • enlarged structure at beginning of thoracic duct
    • lymphatic structure in abdomen just inferior to diaphragm
  5. Where is the thoracic duct located?
    between aorta and azygos vein
  6. Where does the thoracic duct ascend?
    on right side of aorta to T4 vertebra, then crosses to left side of vertebral column to pass posterior to esophagus and aorta
  7. Where does the thoracic duct join the cardiovascular system?
    • at junction of left subclavian and left internal jugular veins
    • where left brachiocephalic vein begins 
  8. What does the thoracic duct drain?
    • thoracic wall
    • respiratory diaphragm
    • everything inferior to respiratory diaphram
  9. Everything below the diaphragm drains to what before entering the thoracic duct?
    cisterna chyli
  10. Which of the splanchnic nerves is contained in the posterior mediastinum?
    greater splanchnic nerve
  11. Where do the internal thoracic lymph vessels run?
    parallel to sternum
  12. What do the internal thoracic lymph vessels drain?
    anterior thoracic wall (intercostal spaces and breasts)
  13. Where do the bronchomediastinal lymph trunks drain lymph from?
    • lungs
    • trachea and bronchi
    • esophagus
    • heart
    • pericardium  
  14. Where are the vagus nerves?
    descend in thorax posterior to roots of lungs
  15. What structure does the left recurrent laryngeal nerve loop around to ascend through thoracic inlet to reach larynx?
    aortic arch
  16. What do the vagus nerves give branches to?
    pulmonary and cardiac plexus
  17. What does the esophageal plexus form from?
    vagus nerves
  18. What does the esophageal plexus give rise to?
    • left vagal trunk
    • right vagal trunk 
  19. Where is the left vagal trunk?
    appears on anterior surface of esophagus
  20. Where is the right vagal trunk?
    appears on posterior surface of esophagus
  21. What do the anterior and posterior vagal trunks pass through to enter the abdomen?
    esophageal hiatus
  22. Where do the splanchnic nerves originate?
    from sympathetic chain ganglia
  23. Are the splanchnic nerves in the thorax parasympathetic or sympathetic?
    only sympathetic
  24. What kind of fibers make up the splanchnic nerves?
    preganglionic sympathetic fibers
  25. Where does the greater splanchnic nerve originate?
    T5-9 chain ganglia
  26. Where does the lesser splanchnic nerve originate?
    T10-11 chain ganglia
  27. Where does the least (lowest) splanchnic nerve originate?
    T12 chain ganglion
  28. What is the only splanchnic nerve in the posterior mediastinum?
    greater splanchnic
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Exam 3: Mediastinum Part 2
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