Political Science Exam 2

  1. Cost of War in Iraq 
    3 Trillion
  2. Reasons for war in Iraq
    excuse going into Iraq: Sadam Hussein had WMD, when proven wrong new excuse was spreading Democracy into the middle east 
  3. Private Military Firms 
    Blackwater and Halliburton: Corporations that provide military services to the government, which have traditionally been provided by the regular military(navy, army etc.) 
  4. Deaths and PTSD numbers in Iraq war 
    • deaths: 1million Iraqis, 4,500 Americans 
    • PTSD: 1/3 soldiers  
  5. Courts 
    Diagram: Supreme Court, State Supreme Court, Apellate Courts, State Trial Courts 
  6. Declaration of Independence 
    July 4th, 1776 
  7. Constitution 
    • 1787: Written 
    • 1788: Ratified(Adopted)  
  8. Article 2 Section 2 
    Powers of President 
  9. Article 1 Section 8
    Powers of Congress 
  10. Habbeus Corpus 
    Article 1 Section 9: Can not be held indefinitely without being charged with a crime 
  11. Reconstruction Amendments 13,14,15
    • 13: Abolish slavery 
    • 14: Blacks can be citizens
    • 15: Blacks can vote  
  12. Bill of Rights 
    Individual Protections 
  13. Clauses: Full Faith and Credit, Priveleges and Immunity, Supremacy Clause, Take Care Clause, Necessary and Proper(Implied Powers)  
  14. Corporate Ownership for News Media
    Walt Disney, Time Warner, Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation Limited, Sony Corp, Vivendi Universal, Berterlsmann Corp 
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