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  1. 1. You have been asked to install an IDE disk to a personal computer. This will be the only disk in the computer connected to the primary channel. How would you set the jumper?
  2. 2. Which of the following is the most important factor when selecting a memory module to upgrade memory in a personal computer?
    The most important factor when selecting a memory module is to verify that the module is compatible with the system bus on the motherboard.
  3. 3. Which of the following is the name for the diagnostic process built into motherboards?
    The POST is the diagnostics program built into all motherboards. POST checks the functionality of all the hardware components of the motherboard.
  4. 4. You have just disconnected a hard disk from a computer and detected a red stripe on the data cable. What is the purpose of this red stripe?
    The red marking on the data cable indicates pin number 1.
  5. 5. Which of the following is the most important precaution you should take while working on internal parts of the computer? (Select two answers.) A. Turn off the power supply. B. Disconnect the power cables from all drives. C. Disconnect the power cable from the motherboard. D. Wear a properly grounded antistatic wrist strap.
    A and D are correct. You must turn off power to prevent shocks and wear a properly grounded antistatic wrist strap when working on internal parts of a computer. Semiconductor devices on the motherboard and adapter cards are very sensitive to static electricity.
  6. 6. You have just replaced a malfunctioning motherboard in a computer with a brand new one. You want to make sure that the new motherboard is functioning well before you connect other components such as the network adapter and graphics card. Which of the following methods can be used to test the basic functionality of the motherboard?
    Beep codes will usually indicate whether there is any problem with the basic functionality of the motherboard.
  7. 7. Which of these methods can be used to test a 10/100 Mbps network port built on the motherboard without connecting it to the network?
    Loopback adapter
  8. 8. Which of the following components ensure that thermally sensitive devices do not overheat during the normal operation of a personal computer? (Select all correct answers.) A. UPS B. Heat sink C. Fans D. Ribbon cables E. Ventilation slots
    B, C, and E are correct. Heat sinks are used to dissipate heat from the surface of semiconductor devices such as the CPU. The exhaust fans blow the hot air away from internal components. Ventilation slots ensure proper flow of air inside the computer case.
  9. 9. During the POST you can hear only a single beep. What does this beep usually indicate?
    A successful POST
  10. 10. Which of the following is considered to be the fastest port and is commonly used on laptops? A. PS/2 B. USB C. Serial D. Parallel
    B. USB ports are commonly used on laptop computers and are relatively faster than all other ports.
  11. 11. Which of the following wireless IEEE standards uses a radio frequency of 2.4 GHz with a data transfer speed of 11 Mbps?
    The 802.11b standard specifies a radio frequency band of 2.4 GHz with a data transmission speed of 11 Mbps. The frequency specified for 802.11g is also 2.4 GHz but with a data transmission speed of 54 Mbps.
  12. 12. The laptop used by your manager is having video problems. What should you do to find out whether there is a problem with the LCD screen? Select two answers. A. Connect an external monitor. B. Change the LCD screen. C. Remove the LCD screen cable and reconnect it. D. Recycle power on the laptop. E. Toggle the video function key.
    A and E are correct. You can try connecting to an external monitor to find out whether the problem is with the LCD screen or the video card. You will also need to use the video toggle key to use the external monitor.
  13. 13. Which of the following is not a recommended method to enhance the life and performance of a laptop battery? A. Fully discharge and recharge the battery every day. B. Fully discharge and recharge the battery every two to three weeks. C. Use only NiCd batteries. D. Use the power management features available in the operating system.
    A is correct. The laptop battery should be fully discharged and recharged every two or three weeks. It is not a good idea to fully discharge the battery and recharge it every day.
  14. 14. You need to edit a file using Notepad but the Windows XP system does not allow you to save the file. How can you resolve this problem using the command line?
    The file has the read-only attribute set, which should be changed using the attrib command before you can edit the file and save it with the same filename.
  15. 15. You have noticed that the performance of your Windows 2000 Professional computer is degrading day by day. You suspect that the hard disk does not respond as quickly as it should when you open files. What should you first do to improve the hard disk performance?
    The disk should be defragmented in order to improve its performance. Just analyzing the disk will only give you information about its fragmentation. When you perform defragmentation, the diskis automatically analyzed for fragmentation. The chkdsk utility is used to check for and fix file system errors and problems with bad sectors on a disk.
  16. 16. Which of the following methods can be used to format a disk partition? Select all correct answers. A. The format command B. The diskpart utility C. Windows Explorer D. The Disk Management snap-in E. The Device Manager snap-in
    A, C, and D are correct. You can format a disk partition using the format command, Windows Explorer, or the Disk Management snap-in. The diskpart utility does not include any command for formatting a disk partition.
  17. 17. You upgraded the driver of your printer after downloading it from the manufacturer’s web site. The printer stopped working after the upgrade. How can you resolve the problem? Select two answers.A. Reinstall the old printer driver. B. Use the Rollback Driver button in the Device Manager. C. Completely remove the new printer driver and reinstall it. D. Turn off the printer when installing the driver.
    A and B are correct. You will need to reinstall the old printer driver that was working. You can also use the Rollback Driver button in the Device Manager to install the printer driver. Reinstalling the new driver after completely removing it will not help. The printer should be connected and turned on when the driver is installed.
  18. 18. You have decided to use the System Restore utility to fix a computer running Windows XP, which is showing intermittent problems. Which of the following is required in order to use the system restore utility? A. A full backup of the system. B. A system restore point. C. A backup of the System State data. D. An Automatic System Restore disk.
    B is correct. You must first create a system restore point in order to use the System Restore utility.
  19. 19. Which of the following is an alternative to adding more random access memory (RAM) to a computer? A. Add internal CPU cache memory. B. Add a new hard disk. C. Increase the size of the paging file. D. Decrease the size of the paging file.
    C is correct. An alternative to adding RAM to a computer is to increase the size of the paging file. The computer uses the paging file to swap data when there is insufficient RAM in the computer.
  20. 20. You installed a new game on a Windows XP computer, and the computer fails to restart. Which of the following methods can you use to fix this startup problem? A. Use the Last Known Good Configuration from the Advanced Boot menu. B. Use the Recovery Console to uninstall the new game. C. Use the last full backup tape to restore the system. D. Use an Emergency Repair Disk (ERD) to repair the startup files.
    A is correct. You can use the Last Known Good Configuration from the Advanced Boot options to restore the system to the previous working configuration. You cannot use the Recovery Console to uninstall the game, nor can you do it using the last full backup tape. ERD will also not help. Moreover, ERD can only be used on Windows NT and Windows 2000 computers.
  21. 21. Which of the following is important regarding downloading and installing software updates? A. All systems should be configured for automatic download and installation. B. All updates should be installed as soon as they are available. C. Updates should be thoroughly tested before installation. D. There is no need to install any updates unless they address some security issue.
    C is correct. All updates from software vendors should be thoroughly tested before installation. It does not matter whether the updates address a specific application issue or a security issue—updates must be tested before they are installed on several computers.
  22. 22. One of the printers in your office is not responding. You have checked all physical connections and found that the printer is online. When you check the Printer Properties on the computer where the printer is shared, it shows a long list of documents. Which of the following could be a potential problem? A. The printer driver. B. The port where the printer is connected. C. A document that is stuck in the print spooler. D. Permissions associated with the user who sent the print job.
    C is correct. The print job that is on the top of the list of documents in the print spooler is causing the printer problem. There is no problem with either the printer driver or the printer port. It is also unlikely that the problem is associated with print permissions.
  23. 23. Which of the following parts in a laser printer is used to transfer a high positive voltage to charge the paper? A. Drum B. Transfer corona wire C. Primary corona wire D. Fuser
    B is correct. The transfer corona wire supplies a high positive charge to the paper. The function of the primary corona wire is to charge the drum with a high negative voltage.
  24. 24. You have been asked to connect a Windows XP Professional computer to a TCP/IP printer that is directly connected to a network port. Which of the following is the correct procedure to accomplish this task? A. Select the Local Printer option and create a new port. B. Select the Local Printer option and browse for the network port. C. Select the Network Printer option and browse for the network port. D. Select the Network Printer option and enter the name of the printer.
    A is correct. To attach to a TCP/IP printer connected directly to a network port, you must select Local Printer Attached To This Computer and create a new TCP/IP port. You select the Network Printer option when the printer is attached to another computer designated as a print server.
  25. 25. Which of the following printers is suitable for printing multi-part invoices? A. Dot matrix printer B. Laser printer C. Inkjet printer D. Bubble-jet printer
    A is correct. A dot matrix printer is suitable for use with multipartforms such as invoices. This is because a dot matrix printer is an impact printer that makes a good impression on multiple sheets of paper.
  26. 26. Which of the following ports cannot be used to connect a scanner? A. USB B. Serial C. SCSI D. PS/2
    D is correct. Of the given choices, a scanner can be connected to a serial, SCSI, or USB port, but not to a PS/2 port. The PS/2 port is generally used to connect a mouse or a keyboard.
  27. 27. Which of the following types of cables is not prone to electromagnetic interferences? A. UTP cable B. STP cable C. Coaxial cable D. Fiber optic cable
    D is correct. The fiber optic cable transfers data using optical (light) signals. This type of cable is not prone to electromagnetic interferences.
  28. 28. Which of the following components of an IP address is used to distinguish the network address from a host address? A. Default gateway B. Subnet mask C. DNS server D. WINS server
    B is correct. The subnet maskis used to distinguish a network address from a host address on a TCP/IP network.
  29. 29. A computer cannot communicate with any of the computers on a different network segment. It has no problem connecting to other computers that are located on its own networksegment. Which of the following IP address parameters are possibly incorrectly configured on the computer? A. IP address B. Subnet mask C. Default gateway D. DNS server
    C is correct. If the IP address of the default gateway is incorrectly configured, the computer will not be able to communicate with any other computers located on different networksegments. If the default gateway is configured correctly, you will need to checkthe IP address and the subnet mask.
  30. 30. Which of the following devices connects different networksegments and uses tables to create a map of the network topology? A. Router B. Switch C. Bridge D. Hub
    A is correct. A router is used to connect different networksegments. It uses routing tables to create a map of the networktopology and route packets based on the network addresses in IP packets.
  31. 31. Which of the following name resolution methods is best suited when you have only Windows computers, and there is only a single networksegment not connected to the Internet? A. LMHOSTS file B. HOSTS file C. DNS D. WINS
    D is correct. When you have only Windows computers and there is only one networksegment, WINS can serve the purpose of name resolution. If the networkis large and is connected to the Internet, you will need the DNS server for name resolution.
  32. 32. Which of the following is a primary requirement for an Infrared wireless connection? A. A shared frequency band. B. A direct line of sight. C. An access point. D. A wireless router.
    B is correct. The primary requirement for an infrared wireless connection is the direct line of sight. This is why the infrared wireless connection is also called a point-to-point connection. Infrared signals cannot pass through wooden or concrete walls.
  33. 33. Which of the following network topologies does not allow you to add or remove computers without affecting the network?A. Ring B. Bus C. Mesh D. Star
    B is correct. The entire networkis affected when you add or remove computers in a bus network.
  34. 34. Which of the following methods uses the physical characteristics of a user to verify identity? A. Biometrics B. Username and password C. Kerberos D. CHAP
    A is correct. Biometric security devices are used to verify the identity of a person by matching physical characteristics such as fingerprints or eye retina.
  35. 35. In which of the following authentication methods is an encrypted challenge text sent to the user to verify her credentials? A. Kerberos B. PAP C. CHAP D. EAP
    C is correct. CHAP stands for Challenge Handshake Authentication Protocol. In this authentication method, a challenge text is sent to the user in encrypted form. The user sends the challenge text backto the authentication server, which compares the two messages. The user is authenticated only if a match is found.
  36. 36. One of the senior networkadministrators who has recently joined the company has asked a few users to give him their usernames and passwords to complete an urgent task. What kind of security attack does this indicate? A. Man in the Middle B. Replay attack C. Spoofing D. Social engineering
    D is correct. When someone is trying to get you to believe that he is acting in your interests and asks for confidential information, he is actually initiating a social engineering attack.
  37. 37. Your company has installed a biometric device to take finger prints of every person who wants to enter the restricted room where servers and network equipment are installed. Which of the following is the purpose of this device? A. Auditing B. Data integrity C. Confidentiality D. Authentication E. Access control
    D is correct. The purpose of installing biometric devices is to provide authentication. Auditing is configured on networkresources while security protocols are used for data confidentiality and integrity.
  38. 38. You have been asked to work out a backup plan for the two most critical servers in the office. Your manager wants you to ensure that data could be restored using only a single tape. Which of the following backup methods would you suggest? A. A full backup everyday. B. A full backup on Friday nights and incremental backs from Monday to Thursday. C. An incremental backup on Friday, and differential backups fromMonday to Thursday. D. A full backup every Friday.
    A is correct. When you want to restore data from a single backup tape, full backup needs to be performed on a daily basis. A full backup stores complete data on a single tape.
  39. 39. Which of the following safety measures help reduce the effects of static discharge? Select all correct answers. A. Antistatic bag B. Antistatic wrist strap C. Antistatic table mat D. Antistatic body wrap E. Antistatic head cover
    A, B, and C are correct. Antistatic bags, antistatic wrist straps, and antistatic table and floor mats all help reduce the effects of static electricity.
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