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  1. 1. which of the following battery chemistries has the longest life when used with portable computing devices? a. NiCd b. NiMH c. Alkaline d. Li-Ion
    d. Because of its high energy density, Li-Ion is the best
  2. 2. Which of the following is not a benefit of a laptop design? A. portability b. increased performance c. desktop replacement d. higher quality construction
    b. by and large, compromises always must be made when comparing laptops to desktops.
  3. 3. Which of the following is not a requirement for ACPI to function? a. the BIOS must support ACPI b. You must be running Windows 95 or later. c. The motherboard must support ACPI. d. The processor must support ACPI.
    B. For ACPI power management to work, it first must be a feature of the BIOS. In addition, the motherboard and processor must support the standard. Finally, you need Windows 98 or newer.
  4. 4. Which laptop input device was release with the IBM ThinkPad series of laptops? a. Touchpad b. Mouse c. Point stick d. trackball
    C. the touchpoint point stick was released with the IBM ThinkPad.
  5. 5. Which laptop accessory allows you to power your laptop from a car or airplane? a. ac adapter b. dc adaper c. battery converter d. Automotive wizard
    b. A DC adapter converts the DC output from a car or airplane accessor power plug into the DC voltages required by your laptop.
  6. 6. Which of the following rechargeable battery types is least desirable due to its minimal power duration when used with laptops? a. NiCd b. NiMH c. Li-poly d. Li-Ion
    a Nickel Cadmium batteries have a very low energy density compared to the Litium chemistries and NiMH batteries.
  7. 7. (blank) is the fastest and most modern interface used as an expansion method for external peripherals, such as mice, web cams, scanners, and printers, and is poplular on laptops and desktops alike.
    C. USB
  8. 8. Which kind of laptop was designed to look and function like a paper notebook? a. luggable b. tablet c. netbook d. notebook
    B. The tablet PC is a notebook with a flip around screen that allows a user to hold it like a large notebook and write notes directly on the screen with a special stylus.
  9. 9. Which of the following power states consumes the least amount of power? a. G0 b. S1 c. S2 d. S4
    D. The S4 hardware state is also called Hibernation mode.
  10. 10. Which type of PC Card is used most often for expansions like NICs, sound cards, and so on? a. type I b. type II c. type III d type IV
    B. Type II PC Card is the type used most often for expansion devices like NICs, sound cards, SCSI controllers, modems, and so on.
  11. 11. which of the following expansion buses uses serial communications and is capable of operating in USB and PCIe modes? a. express card b. CardBus c. Mini PCI d. FireWire
    A. The ExpressCard bus brings USB 2.0 and PCIe to the small-form factor computing industry.
  12. 12. Which tab of the Display properties dialog box in Windows XP has a button that launches Power Options Properties, allowing you to enable hibernation and set power schemes, among other things? a. Settings b. desktop c. screen saver d. themes
    C. The screen saver tab of Display Options has a Power button in its Monitor Power section that launches the Power Options Properties applet.
  13. 13. Pc cards rely on which type of software in order to operate? Choose two. a. Cardmember Services b. Card services c. Modem services d. Socket Services
    B,D. The PC Card architecture has two components. The first is the Socket Services software, and the second is the Card Services software.
  14. 14. What component allows you to keep desktop devices, such as keyboard, monitor, and mouse permanently connected so they can be used by an attached laptop? a. docking station b. KVM switch c. Print server d. USB hub
    a. Docking station
  15. 15. The process by which the processor slows down to conserve power is officially called (blank). a. underclocking b. cooling c. disengaging d. throttling
    d. Throttling
  16. 16. When replacing your laptops AC adapter, which of the following purchase is acceptable to obtain the same or better results? a. an AC adapter with higher voltage rating than the original b. an AC adapter with higher wattage rating than the original c. A DC adapter with the same voltage rating than the original d. An AC adapter with lower voltage and wattage rating than the original
    B. Wattage= bucket of power
  17. 17. What should you do for a Li-Ion battery that appears to charge fully, but does not last as long as the battery's meter indicates it will last? A. replace the battery b. exercise the battery c. calibrate the batter d. short the terminals to discharge the battery.
    c. Battery calibration
  18. 18. How do laptop hard drives differ from desktop hard drives? a. laptop hard drives use completely different standards from those used by desktop hard drives for communication with the host. b. Laptop hard drives are solid state; desktop hard drives have spinning platters. c. laptop hard drives require a separate power connection; desktop hard drives are powered through the drive interface. d. the most common form factor of a laptop hard drive is about an inch smaller than that of a desktop hard drive.
    D. laptop are 2.5" where desktop HDD are 3.5"
  19. 19. Which laptop input device is a flat surface that you can slide across with your finger to control the cursor?
    A. touchpad
  20. 20. which of the following memory types has the smallest form factor? a. A. RIMM b. DIMM c. MicroDIMM d. SODIMM
    C. MicroDIMM
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