SAT Vocab Page 5

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  1. Coax
    To persuade or obtain by pleading or flattery.
  2. Regale
    To delight or entertain.
  3. Margin
    A border or edge; a limit in condition or ability; an amount or degree of difference.
  4. Truncate
    To cut short.
  5. Context
    The circumstances in which something occurs.
  6. Potent
    Powerful; having a strong effect.
  7. Amble
    To walk slowly or leisurely.
  8. Prolific
    Producing a lot.
  9. Valid
    Based on truth or fact; having legal force.
  10. Forthcoming
    About to appear; available when needed; communicative.
  11. Concoct
    To invent; to create by combining ingredients as in cooking.
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