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  1. 1. Which computer component contains all the circuitry necessary for other components or devices to communicate with one another? A. Motherboard B. Adapter Card C. Hard Drive D. Expansion bus
    a. the spine of the computer is the system board, otherwise known as the motherboard.
  2. 2. Which packaging is used for DDR SDRAM memory? a. 168 pin DIMM b. 72 pin SIMM c. 184 pin DIMM d. RIMM
    c. DDR SDRAM is manufactured on a 184 pin DIMM. DIMMs with 168 pins were used for SDR SDRAM. The SIMM is the predecessor to the DIMM, on which SDRAM was never deployed.
  3. 3. What memory chips would you find on a stick of PC3-16000? a. DDR-2000 b. DDR3- 2000 c. DDR3-16000 d. PC3-2000
    b. remember the 8:1 rule. Modules greater than, but not including, SDR SDRAM are named with a number 8 times larger than the number used to name the chips on the module. the initials PC are used to describe the module, the initials DDR for the chips, and a number to represent the level of DDR.
  4. 4. Which motherboard design style is most widely implemented? a. ATX b. AT c. Baby AT. d. NLX
    a. although all the motherboard design syles listed are in use today, the ATX motherboard style is the most popular design.
  5. 5. Which motherboard socket type is used on the Pentium 4 chip? a. slot 1 b. socket A c. socket 370 d. socket 478
    d. Most Pentium 4 chips use the Socket 478 motherboard CPU socket, although not exclusively.
  6. 6. Which of the following is a socket technology that is designed to ease insertion of modern CPU's? a. socket 479 b. ZIF c. LPGA d. SPGA
    b. ZIF sockets are designed with a locking mechanism that, when released, alleviates the resistance of the socket receiving the pins of the chip being insterted. Make sure you know your socket types so that the appearance of a specific model, such as Socket 479, in a question like this does not distract you from the correct answer.
  7. 7. Which of the following is not controlled by the Northbridge? a. PCIe b. SATA c. AGP d. Cache memory
    b. The Northbridge is in control of the local-bus components that share the clock of the frontside bus. SATA and all other drive interfaces do not share this clock and are controlled by the Southbridge.
  8. 8. Which of the following is used to store data and programs for repeated use? Information can be added and deleted at will, and it does not lose data when power is removed. a. hard drive b. RAM c internal cache memory d. ROM
    A. a hard drive stores data on a magnetic medium, which does not lose its information after the power is removed, and which can be repeatedly written to and erased.
  9. 9. which motherboard socket type is used with the AMD Athlon XP? a. socket 1 b. socket a c. socket 370 d. socket 478
    b. The Socket A (remember A for AMD) motherboard socket is used primarily with AMD processors, including the Athlon XP.
  10. 10. You want to plug a keyboard into the bakc of a computer. you know that you need to pluge the keyboard cable into a PS/2 port. Which style of port is the PS/2? a. rj 11 b. DE9 c. DIN 5 d. Mini DIN 6
    d. A PS/2 port is also known as a mini DIN 6 connector
  11. 11. which of the following are the numbers of pins that can be found on DIMM modules used in desktop motherboards? Choose three. a. 168 b. 180 c. 184 d. 200 e. 204 f. 232 g. 240
    A,C,G DIMMs used in desktop motherboard applications have one of three possible pin counts. SDR SDRAM is implemented on 168 pin modules. DDR SDRAM and 16 bit RIMMs are implemented on 184 pin modules. DDR2 and DDR3 are implemented on 240 pin modules with different keying. Dual channel RIMM modules have 232 pins.
  12. 12. what is the maximum speed of USB 2.0 in Mbps? a. 1.5 b. 12. c. 60 d. 480
    D. the USB 2.0 spec provides for a maximum of 480 megabits per second(Mbps- not megabytes per second, or MBps).
  13. 13. Which of the following standards are specified by IEEE 1284 (choose two) a. SPP b. RS-232 c. EPP d. ECP e. FireWire f. USB
    C,D. Bidirectional parallel ports can both transmit and receive data. EPP and ECP are IEEE-1284 standards that were designed to transfer data at high speeds in both directions so that devices could return status information to the system. The standard parallel port only transmits data out of the computer. It cannot receive data. Firewire is specified by IEEE 1394. IEEE 1284 does not specify serial protocols, such as RS-232 and USB.
  14. 14. What peripheral port was originally developed by Apple and is currently the optimal interface for digital video transfers? a. DVD b. USB c. IEEE 1394 d. IEEE 1284
    c. The 1394 standard provides for greater data transfer speeds and the ability to send memory addresses as well as data through a serial port.
  15. 15. What peripheral port type is expandable using a hub, operates at 1.5 MBps, and is used to connect various devices (from printers to cameras) to PCs? a. dvd 1.0 b. USB 1.1 c. IEEE 1394 d. IEEE 1284
    B. USBs are used to connect multiple peripherals to one computer through a single port. They support data transfer rates as high as 12 Mbps, or 1.5 MBps(for USB 1.1, which is the option listed here.)
  16. 16. Which peripheral port was designed to transfer data at high speeds over a D-sub interface? a. DVD b. USB C. IEEE 1394 D. IEEE 1284
    D. IEEE 1284 standard defines the ECP parallel port to use a DMA channel and the buffer to be able to transfer data at high speeds to printers.
  17. 17. Which motherboard form factor places expansion slots on a special riser card and is used in low profile PCs? A. AT b. Baby AT C. ATX D. NLX.
    D. The NLX form factor places expansion slots on a special riser card and is used in low profile PCs.
  18. 18. Which Intel processor type might be mounted on a SECC for motherboard installation? a. Athlon b. 486 c. Pentium d. Pentium II
    D. The unique thing about the Pentium II is that it was attached to a single edge contract cartridge(SECC) for insertion into the motherboard, instead of the standard PGA package. Athlon is an AMD processor, the early version of which was slot-based, but not considered SECC, in any event.
  19. 19. You have just purchase a motherboard that has an LGA775 socket for an Intel Pentium 4 processor. What type of memory modlues will you need for this motherboard? a. DIP b. SIMM c. RIMM d. DIMM
    D. Pentium 4 processors are always mated with memory mounted on DIMMs
  20. 20. What type of expansion slot is preferred today for high-performance graphics adapters? a. AGP b. PCIe c. PCI d. ISA
    B. Although technically all slots listed could be used for video adapters, PCIe excels when compared to the other options and offers technologies, such as SLI, which only make PCIe's advantage more noticeable.
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