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  1. Bulwark
    A wall or embankment used for a defensive fortification; something serving as a defense or safeguard.
  2. Primp
    To dress or groom with careful attention to detail.
  3. Canard
    A false report.
  4. Fleet
    Moving swiftly.
  5. Stark
    Not ornamented; plain; absolute.
  6. Machination
    An artful or secret plot or scheme.
  7. Balmy
    Soothing, mild, pleasant.
  8. Sinecure
    A paid position that requires little or no work.
  9. Bar
    To keep out; exclude.
  10. Flummox
    To confuse or perplex.
  11. Corrupt
    marked by immortality; dishonest; containing errors.
  12. Nepotism
    Showing favoritism to relatives.
  13. Flagrant
    Conspicuously bad or offensive.
  14. Talisman
    Something thought to have magic power.
  15. Rapacious
    Excessively greedy; taking by force.
  16. Colossal
    Very large.
  17. Harangue
    A long pompous speech; a speech or piece of writing expressing strong emotion; a tirade.
  18. Prosaic
    Straightforward; lacking in imagination.
  19. Nefarious
    Very wicked; villainous.
  20. Court
    To attempt to gain, especially love or favor; to behave so as to invite.
  21. Preempt
    To take the place of; to have priority or precedence over.
  22. Reek
    To give off a strong, unpleasant odor; to be pervaded with something unpleasant.
  23. Supplant
    To take the place of.
  24. Pellucid
    Transparently clear.
  25. Amiable
    Friendly and agreeable; sociable.
  26. Rancorous
    Bitter and resentful.
  27. Commodity
    An item of trade or commerce, especially as distinguished from service.
  28. Puerile
    Childish; foolishly immature.
  29. Indiscriminate
    Unselective; random; unrestrained.
  30. Irony
    A use of words in which the intended meaning is very different from the literal sense; an incongruity between what might be expected and what actually occurs, especially one that suggests a lesson about human folly.
  31. Archaic
    Of a much earlier, often more primitive period.
  32. Apprehend
    To become aware of through the senses.
  33. Congregate
    To assemble into a group.
  34. Utopia
    An ideally perfect place.
  35. Curfew
    A regulation requiring people to be inside at a certain time.
  36. Check
    To restrain or block.
  37. Egress
    Going out; the right to go out or exit.
  38. Caste
    A rigid and hereditary social class
  39. Cognizant
  40. Kin
    One's relatives.
  41. Placebo
    Something presented as a drug, but having to actual effect.
  42. Lucrative
    Producing wealth; profitable.
  43. Archetype
    The original pattern or model; a perfect example.
  44. Innocuous
  45. Artifact
    An object produced by human work, especially one of historical and archaeological interest.
  46. Inscribe
    To write, carve, or engrave words or letters on or in a surface.
  47. Morass
    An area of swampy ground; something that hinders.
  48. Stagnant
    Inactive; not moving.
  49. Decry
    To speak out against strongly and openly.
  50. Ostentatious
    Showy; pretentious.
  51. Deference
    Yielding an opinion, desire, or position to another out of respect.
  52. Labyrinthine
    Complicated; puzzling.
  53. Referendum
    Direct popular vote on a law or measure of public policy.
  54. Effusive
    Overflowing; excessively emotional.
  55. Resent
    To feel hostility because of a perceived insult or injury.
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