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  1. Defer
    To delay;  to put off.
  2. Rancid
    Spoiled or rotten (especially oils or fats).
  3. Lineaments
    Any of the features of the body, usually the face.
  4. Bowdlerize
    To censor prudishly.
  5. Svelte
    Slender and graceful in outline.
  6. Promonition
    A sense of a future event; a warning in advance.
  7. Apprehension
    Worry or unease.
  8. Voracious
    Devouring; extremely hungry.
  9. Discard
    To throw out.
  10. Endow
    To provide with material goods, talents, or qualities.
  11. Mortal
    Subject to death; causing death.
  12. Lenient
    Inclined not to be strict.
  13. Couch
    To phrase in a particular way.
  14. Reluctant
    Unwilling; disinclined.
  15. Unkempt
    Sloppy; messy; unclean.
  16. Scintillate
    To give off sparks; to be animated or brilliant.
  17. Sarcasm.
    Harsh, often ironic ridicule, intended to hurt.
  18. Embroil
    To engage in trouble; to complicate.
  19. Deviate
    To depart from the norm.
  20. Extrotion
    Taking property or money by force or threat of force.
  21. Malaise
    A vague feeling of physical discomfort or uneasiness.
  22. Placid
    Calm, undisturbed.
  23. Reminisce
    To recall the past, especially formally.
  24. Cadaver
    A dead body, especially a human body to be dissected.
  25. Quip
    A remark or reply that is witty or sarcastic.
  26. Malinger
    To act sick in order to avoid work.
  27. Crux
    An essential or pivotal point; a perplexing difficulty.
  28. Gradient
    A ramp or slope.
  29. Bedlam
    Any place or condition of noise and confusion.
  30. Ravine
    A deep, narrow gorge, especially one worn down with running water.
  31. Acme
    The highest point, as of perfection.
  32. Occult
    Relating to the supernatural; beyond human comprehension; mysterious.
  33. Lineage
    Direct descent from an ancestor; derivation.
  34. Queasy
    Sick to one's stomach, nauseated.
  35. Tangible
    Able to be touched or treated as real.
  36. Rouse
    To wake or provoke.
  37. Consul
    Official residing in a foreign country.
  38. Skirmish
    A minor conflict.
  39. Precede
    To go before.
  40. Remonstrate
    To make objections.
  41. Anonymous
    Having an unknown or unacknowledged name.
  42. Warren
    An enclosed space in which rabbits breed or are numerous; any place that is crowded like a rabbit warren.
  43. Chauvinism
    Unreasoning and boastful devotion to one's country or sex.
  44. Superlative
    Excellent; of the highest quality.
  45. Claustrophobia
    Fear of confined spaces.
  46. Comely
    Attractive or pleasing in appearance; pretty; handsome.
  47. Sullen
    Showing silent angre and unwillingness to be pleasant to people.
  48. Banal
    Dull or stale; commonplace.
  49. Protean
    Easily taking on different forms.
  50. Mien
    Bearing or manner, especially as revealing one's inner state of mind.
  51. Lassitude
    A feeling of weakness.
  52. Kindling
    Dry sticks of wood used to start a fire.
  53. Filament
    A fine wire or thread.
  54. Recede
    To go back, to withdraw.
  55. Deluge
    A great flood.
  56. Flower
    To reach the best or most vigorous stage.
  57. Knoll
    A small rounded hill.
  58. Recur
    To repeat, to occur again.
  59. Candor
    Frankness or sincerity of expression.
  60. Euphony
    Pleasing sound, especially of words.
  61. Melange
    A mixture, a hodgepodge.
  62. Indulgent
    Lenient; giving in to the desires of others.
  63. Obsequious
    Showing too great a willing to serve or obey.
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