Preaching Notes

  1. Two Components for Preaching
    Prayer and Preparation
  2. McArthur's Study Plan for Expository Preaching
    • * read the book
    • * read the passage
    • * find the main point (subject and function)
    • * prepare exegetical outline
  3. Exegetical Idea
    • What the biblical author was saying to the biblical reader.
    • "What was the author intending to say?"
  4. Homiletical Idea
    The idea from Scripture as I phrase and shape it for a 21st century audience.
  5. Robinson Term: CIT
    • Central
    • Idea Focus/Subject
    • Text
  6. Formulate the Homiletical Idea
    The statement of a biblical concept in such a way that it accurately reflects the Bible and meaningfully relates to the congregation (state, explain why, and maybe an illustration)
  7. Prepare the Introduction and Conclusion
    The central task for the introduction is to engage your listeners in such a way that they will want to listen to the rest of the message and move smoothly into the body of the message.
  8. Discover Exegetical Subject and Complement
    Subject - What are you talking about?

    Complement - What are you going to say about what you are talking about?
  9. Analyze the Exegetical Idea
    • What does this mean?
    • Is it true?
    • What difference does this make?
    • How does it apply?
  10. Crafting the Sermon's Purpose
    • Why am I preaching this sermon?
    • What are you expecting to happen in the life of the listener in response?
  11. Shaping the Homiletical Idea
    • * an idea to be explained
    • * a proposition to be proved
    • * a principle to be applied
    • * a story to be told
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