Lesson 3

  1. alter
    • v: to change or make different
    • syn: modify 
  2. analyze
    • v: to study something carefully; to separate into parts for study
    • syn: examine 
  3. ancient
    • adj: something from a long time ago; very old
    • syn: old 
  4. annoying
    • adj: a slight bother; disturbing to a person
    • syn: bothersome 
  5. anticipate
    • v: to think about or prepare for something ahead of time
    • syn: predict 
  6. conform
    v: to follow established rules or patterns of behavior
  7. enrich
    • v: to make rich; to make something of greater value
    • syn: enhance 
  8. intensify
    • v: to make stronger in feeling or quality
    • syn: heighten 
  9. intolerable
    • adj: difficult or painful to experience; not able to accept different ways of thought or behavior
    • syn: unbearable 
  10. ongoing
    • adj: continuing
    • syn: current 
  11. potential
    • n: an ability, happening, or opportunity that has not occurred  or been developed
    • syn: possibility 
  12. propose
    • v: to suggest or plan to do something
    • syn: suggest 
  13. restore
    • v: to give back or bring back something; to return to the original condition
    • syn: revitalize 
  14. tubulent
    • adj: to be in a disordered, disturbed or unstable conditionsy
    • syn: chaotic 
  15. vital
    • adj: of great imporantce; full of life
    • syn : indispensable 
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Lesson 3