Geo Quiz 1

  1. Scientific Method
    set of steps that scientists use to study phenomena

    • 1.Observation
    • 2.Hypothesis
    • 3.Gather Data
    • 4.Analyze
    • 5.Conclusion
  2. Hypothesis
    an explanation for an occurance
  3. Theory
    an explanation regarded as true because it has overwhelming evidence from testing
  4. Density
    amount of mass per volume

    units: g/cm3
  5. Mass
    amount of matter 

    units: grams 
  6. Volume
    amount of space occupied

    units: liters 
  7. Weight
    amount of force exerted on Earth due to gravity

    units: Newtons 
  8. Nebula
    interstellar cloud of gas and dust
  9. Terrestrial Planets
    Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars

    • -small mass/volume
    • -metallic core
    • -rocky exterior
    • -thin/no atmosphere
  10. Jovian Planets/Gas Giants
    Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune

    • -very massive/volume
    • -mostly gas
    • -rocky or icy cores
    • -many moons
    • -thick atmosphere
    • -all have rings 
  11. Nebular Hypothesis
    origin of the solar system

    • 1. Nebular begins to rotate and colapse
    • 2. Most mass is puller to center
    • 3. Centrifugal force flattens into disk shape
    • 4. Star is created by nuclear fusion
    • 5. Remaining material in disk forms planets 
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