1. State the responsibilities of the inport OOD as described in the SORM, CO's standing orders and CG Regulations.
    in steed of the XO to ensure ships personnel are accounted for, ship’s systems are in sound working order, and ship security is in place; any discrepancies get reported to the XO.
  2. Describe your actions for a bomb threat.
    If via phone, fill out bomb threat card if one not present write down wording of threat, when will it explode, where bomb is, what does it look like, what kind, what will make it explode, what organization they are with, where are they, caller’s voice; accent, language, background sounds, if voice is strained, calm, etc. and any additional info, who is writing down info, date, time, phone # where threat was received. Give all info to OOD.
  3. Describe your actions for a fire aboard the OCRACOKE
    Secure hatches to space, notify OOD as to location, what type of fire, if initial action was taken, pull fire alarm, pipe ‘FIRE’, if fire is out of control get off boat.
  4. Describe your actions for flooding aboard the OCRACOKE
    Secure hatches to space, notify OOD as to location, how much water in space when last seen, if initial action was taken, if dangerous enough get off boat.
  5. Describe your actions for a collision
    Pull collision alarm, pipe ‘Collision’, inspect for flooding and damage inside and out, report everything seen to OOD.
  6. Describe your actions for an internal disturbance
    Break up disturbance, if help is needed get some, separate individuals, notify OOD of disturbance.
  7. Describe your actions for  a weapons/ammunition handling accident
    Secure weapon and personnel involved, and notify OOD of situation.
  8. Describe your actions for personnel injured while on liberty
    Record all the information you can, who was involved, what kind of accident, severity of injuries, what hospital, doctor’s name, what condition they are in. Report to OOD.
  9. Describe your actions for a loss of fire main pressure
    Notify OOD. Make ready P100 pump for firefighting needs.
  10. Describe your actions for a loss of electrical power
    Notify OOD. Begin reset process; 440 reset, grey water, potable water, A/C pump, Gaylord, Battery exhaust fan.
  11. Discuss heavy weather bill
    There is a heavy weather (hurricane) check off list located in the Cutter Organizational and Regulations Manual (CORM). Ensuring lines, fenders, and brow are secured. Packing away all lose items on deck. Setting Zebra throughout ship.
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