Middle East

  1. Is modernization compatible with conservative religious concepts?
    Yes but it may change there religious concepts
  2. Who overthrew King Faroug in Egypt?
  3. What was King Faroug's Ideology?
    Arab Unity
  4. Who led the Islamic revolution in Iran? Who was overthrown in the process?
    Khomeini/ The sha of Iran
  5. Ottoman Devshirme System...
    That the Ottoman Empire would reroute people for jobs
  6. The title of the Ottoman emperor was...
  7. During WW1, the Ottoman government engaged in a holocaust of the Armenians looking for what?
  8. Who led the Islamic revolution in Iran? Who was overthrown in it?
  9. The regime of which country most distlikes the Taliban?
  10. In 1054 the Byzantine Empire was exposed and got attacked by...
    Muslim and Turkish Empires
  11. The main intention of Pope Urban II was to...
    Occupy the Holly Land.
  12. Islamic ladies clothing...
    head gear/long sleeves/long dress
  13. Why would Itan desire to work with the USA?
    They like the market/trading
  14. Who intersts would suffer most from radical US disengagement from the Middle East?
  15. Will long-term US involnement be nessary for the Middle East Pease Conference?
    Yes because of Israel-Arab conflict
  16. WHy did the British and French occupy most of the Middle East after WWI?
    The Ottoman didnt exist
  17. Where is the city of Tyre?
  18. What happened to the ancient Phoenicians and the ancient Egyptians?
    Ethnicities blended in
  19. Middle Eastern people would all aggree on what?
    Democracy frist but American-Style second
  20. What concrete incentive might Washington give Syria to encourage signing a peace treaty with Israel?
    Less pressure for political reform or regime change
  21. The Arabs spread far and wide outside the Arabian peninsula proper through _______ Lebanon and Syria
  22. Causes and effects of the Civil war in Darfur, Sudan
    Famine and war
  23. The muslim community in the United States: It has begun to assumilate and establish an indigenous presence.
    Starting to become native
  24. What is the importance and function of the qiblah, and where is the Holy Ka'abah?
    In Metkah
  25. In what way can democratic principles on a large scale succeed in the Arab and Islamic worlds?
    Fit local conditions
  26. What appeal does the Ba'ath Party have to those who support unity and modernization in the arab world?
    Was control in Iraq and is still in Ceria
  27. How does the Islamic Republic of Iran differ from other traditional fundamentalist Islamic governmental systems?
    In Iran woman have rights
  28. Thanks to its versatility, durability and beauty, the ___________ has been a major item of furniture in the Middle East for centuries.
  29. At night during Ramadhan, Muslims normally celebrate by_______.
    Eating and celebrating with friends
  30. Sacrifice in Arabic.. this term can be explained by...
    Religious right
  31. Middle Easterns normally use their left hand for unclean bodily functions, reserving right hand for _______
    touching you/ eating and serving food
  32. Arabic is also called an _____ thanks to its geogrphical extent.
  33. The consumption of pork is ______ in Islam
  34. Upon marriage, aMuslim man must provide his fiancee with dowry. This serves as__.
    Financial support
  35. The Arabic cutural renaissace, which dates from about 1800 to about 1900, was co-temporal with what other great event?
    the written form
  36. Can Americans visit Makkah?
  37. What is not a major language in the Islamic countries?
    Hebrew/ Turkish/ Arabic
  38. Why did the French establish a strong beachhead in the Maghrib (North Africa)?
  39. In what aspect of domestic life can foreign influence in Middle Eastern society be most clearly identified?
  40. Perhaps the most significant source of inter-Muslim strife is _____.
    If the Muslim people are not interpreting things correctly.
  41. In your reasoned opinion, how should the U.S.A engage the Middle Eastern countries, people, and religious elements?
    Politically/ educationally
  42. According to what we have learned in classes, which aspects of democract are, perhaps, the least appealing to traditional middle eastern societies:
    Ones opposed to Islam
  43. What is the official language of Lebanon?
  44. What is the official language of Iran?
  45. Where is the Tigris-Euphrates delta located?
  46. Before the Aswan High Dam was constructed, which annual activity enriched the banks of the Nile?
    Annual fluid
  47. Urban concentrations in the Middle East and North Africa can be aptly compared to:
    Islands of green
  48. What does one mean when one says the Americans tend to compartmentalize?
  49. Where was the capital of Omayyad caliphate? Where was the capital of the Abbasid caliphate?
    Demakis/ Ceria
  50. Before the Aswan High Dam was constructed, which annual activity enriched the banks of the Nile?
    Annual fluid
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