Intro to Carbs

  1. What are CHO composed of?
    Carbon, Hydrogen, and oxygen in the form of simple chos or sugars
  2. Where do cho come from?  (source)

  3. What process allows plants to capture energy from the sun and chemically strore as CHO?
  4. Where can we get cho?
    grains fruits vegetables
  5. What is the recommended daily intake of CHO?
    • 45 - 65% of daily kcal intake
    • *minimum of 130g/day 
  6. Health benefits of eating carbs
    -decreased risk of heart disease, diabetes and some cancers
  7. What are the 3 sizes of chos?
    • -monosaccharides
    • -disaccharides
    • -polysaccharides 
  8. Examples of Monosaccharides
    • -glucose
    • -fructose
    • -galactose 
  9. Examples of Diasaccharides
    • -sucrose
    • -maltose
    • -lactose 
  10. Examples of Polysaccharides
    • -starch
    • -fiber
    • -glycogon (storage form in liver and muscles) 
  11. Monosaccharides and Disaccharides are classified as:
    Simple Carbs
  12. Polysaccharides are classified as:
    complex carbs
  13. Functions of Carbs:
    • -provide energy, fiber and naturally occurring sweeteners
    • -most efficient form of energy
    • -protein-sparing effect of carbs allows protein to be used for building and repart
  14. When glucose levels are inadequate and fat is used as energy, what is the biproduct?
  15. Glycolyis is:
    The process of breaking down glucose
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