The SAT High-Frequency Word List

  1. Abridge
    v. condense or shorten.
  2. Abstemious
    adj. sparing in eating and drinking; temperate.
  3. Abstract
    adj. theoretical; not concrete; nonrepresentational.
  4. Abstruse
    adj. obscure; profound; difficult to understand.
  5. Accessible
    adj. easy to approach; obtainable.
  6. Acclaim
    v. applaud; annouce with great approval.
  7. Adulation
    n. flattery; admiration.
  8. Advocate
    v. urge; plead for.
  9. Aesthetic
    adj. [es-thet-ik] artistic; dealing with or capable of appreciation of the beautiful.
  10. Affable
    adj. easily approachable; warmly friendly.
  11. Affirmation
    • n.[af-er-mey-shuhn] positive assertion; confirmation; solemn pledge by one who refuses to take an oath.
  12. Alleviate
    v. relieve.
  13. Aloof
    adj. apart; reserved.
  14. Altruistic
    adj. unselfishly generous; concerned for others. altruism, n.
  15. Ambiguous
    adj. unclear or doubtful in meeting. ambiguity, n.
  16. Ambivalence
    n. the state of having contradictory or conflicting emotional attitudes. ambivalent, adj.
  17. Analogous
    adj.[uh-nal-uh-guhs] comparable; similar in some way.
  18. Anarchist
    n. person who seeks to overturn the established government; advocate of abolishing authority. anarchy, n.
  19. Anecdote
    n.[an-ik-doht] short account of an amusing or interesting event.
  20. Animosity
    n. active enmity.
  21. Antagonism
    n.[an-tag-uh-niz-uhm] hostility; active resistance. antagonistic, adj.
  22. Antidote
    n. medicine to counteract a poison or disease.
  23. Antiquated
    adj.[an-ti-kwey-tid] old-fashioned; obsolete.
  24. Apathy
    n. lack of caring; indifference.
  25. Appease
    v. pacify or soothe; relieve.
  26. Apprehension
    n. fear.
  27. Arbitrary
    adj. capricious; randomly chosen; tyrannical.
  28. Archaic
    adj.\r-ˈkā-ik\ antiquated.
  29. Arrogance
    n. pride; haughtiness.
  30. Articulate
    adj. effective; distinct.
  31. Artisan
    n. manually skilled worker; craftsman, as opposed to artist.
  32. Ascendancy
    n. controlling influence; domination.
  33. Ascetic
    adj. practicing self-denial; austere.
  34. Aspire
    v. seek to attain; long for.
  35. Astute
    adj. wise; shrewd; keen.
  36. Attribute (V)
    v. ascribe; explain.
  37. Augment
    v. increase; add to.
  38. Austere
    adj. forbiddingly stern; severely simple and not ornamented.
  39. Authoritarian
    adj. subordinating the individual to state; completely dominating another's will.
  40. Autonomous
    adj. self-governing.
  41. Aversion
    n. firm dislike.
  42. Belie
    v. contradict; give false impression.
  43. Benevolent
    adj. generous; charitable.
  44. Bolster
    v. support; reinforce.
  45. Braggart
    n. boaster.
  46. Brevity
    n. conciseness.
  47. Cajole
    v. coax; wheedle.
  48. Candor
    n. frankness; open honesty. candid, adj.
  49. Capricious
    adj. unpredictable; fickle; fanciful.
  50. Censorious
    adj. critical.
  51. Censure
    v. blame; criticize.
  52. Coercion
    n. use of force to get someone to obey.
  53. Concede
    v. admit; yield.
  54. Conciliatory
    adj. reconciling; soothing. conciliate, v.
  55. Concise
    adj. brief and compact.
  56. Concur
    v. agree.
  57. Condone
    v. overlook; forgive; give tacit approval; excuse.
  58. Conflagration
    n. great fire.
  59. Confound
    v. confuse; puzzle.
  60. Constraint
    n. compulsion; repression of feelings.
  61. Contend
    v. struggle; compete; assert earnestly.
  62. Contentious
    adj. quarrelsome.
  63. Contract(V)
    v. compress or shrink; make a pledge; catch a disease.
  64. Cordial
    adj.[kawr-juhl] gracious; heartfelt.
  65. Corroborate
    v. confirm; support.
  66. Credulity
    n. belief on slight evidence; gullibility; naivete. credulous, adj.
  67. Criterion
    n. standard used in judging.
  68. Cryptic
    adj. mysterious; hidden; secret.
  69. Cursory
    adj.[kur-suh-ree] casual; hastily done.
  70. Curtail
    v. shorten; reduce.
  71. Decorum
    n. propriety; orderliness and good taste in manner. decorous, adj.
  72. Deference
    n. courteous regard for another's wish.
  73. Degradation
    n. humiliation; debasement; degeneration. degrade, v.
  74. Delineate
    v. portray; depict; sketch. delineation, n.
  75. Denounce
    v. condemn; criticize. denunciation, n.
  76. Deplore
    v. regret; disapprove of.
  77. Depravity
    n. extreme corruption; wickedness.
  78. Deprecate
    v. express disapproval of; protest against; belittle. deprecatory, adj
  79. Deride
    v. ridicule; make fun of. derision, n
  80. Derivative
    adj. unoriginal; derived from another source.
  81. Despondent
    adj. depressed; gloomy. despondency, n
  82. Detached
    adj. emotionally removed; calm and objective; physically unconnected.
  83. Deterrent
    n. something that discourages; hindrance. deter, v.
  84. Detrimental
    adj. harmful; damaging.
  85. Devious
    adj. roundabout; erratic; not straightforward.
  86. Devise
    v. think up; invent; plan.
  87. Diffuse
    adj. wordy; rambling; spread out(like a gas). diffusion, n.
  88. Digression
    n. wandering away from the subject. digress, v.
  89. Diligence
    n. steadiness of effort; persistent hard work.
  90. Diminution
    n. lessening; reduction in size.
  91. Discerning
    adj. mentally quick and observant; having insight.
  92. Disclose
    v. reveal. disclosure, n.
  93. Discordant
    adj. not harmonious; conflicting.
  94. Discount(V)
    v. disregard; dismiss.
  95. Discrepancy
    n. lack of consistency; difference.
  96. Discriminating
    adj. able to see differences; prejudiced.
  97. Disdain
    v. view with scorn or contempt.
  98. Disinclination
    n. unwillingness.
  99. Disparage
    v. belittle.
  100. Disparity
    n. difference; condition of inequality.
  101. Disputatious
    adj. argumentative. disputant, n.
  102. Disseminate
    v. distribute; spread; scatter.
  103. Dissent
    v. disagree.
  104. Divergent
    adj. differing; deviating. divergence, n.
  105. Doctrine
    n. teaching, in general; particular principle taught.
  106. Document(V)
    v. provide written evidence.
  107. Dogmatic
    adj. opinionated; arbitrary; doctrinal.
  108. Dubious
    adj. questionable; filled with doubt.
  109. Duplicity
    n. double-dealing; hypocrisy.
  110. Eclectic
    adj.[ih-klek-tik] composed of elements drawn from desperate sources.
  111. Egotistical
    adj. excessively self-centered; self-important; conceited.
  112. Elated
    adj.[ih-ley-tid] overjoyed; in high spirits. elation, n.
  113. Eloquence
    n. expressiveness; persuasive speech. eloquent, adj.
  114. Elusive
    adj. evasive; baffling; hard to grasp. elude, v.
  115. Embellish
    v. adorn; ornament.
  116. Emulate
    v. imitate; rival.
  117. Endorse
    v. approve; support. endorsement, n.
  118. Enhance
    v. increase; improve.
  119. Enigma
    n.[uh-nig-muh] puzzle; mystery. enigmatic, adj.
  120. Enmity
    n. ill will; hatred.
  121. Ephemeral
    adj.[ih-fem-er-uhl] short-lived; fleeting.
  122. Equivocal
    adj. ambiguous; intentionally misleading. equivocate, v.
  123. Erroneous
    adj. mistaken; wrong.
  124. Erudite
    adj.[er-yoo-dahyt] learned; scholarly.
  125. Esoteric
    adj. hard to understand; known only to the chosen few.
  126. Eulogy
    n.[yoo-luh-jee] expression of praise, often on the occasion of someone's death.
  127. Euphemism
    n. mild expression in place of an unpleasant one.
  128. Exacerbate
    v.[ig-zas-er-beyt] worsen; embitter.
  129. Exalt
    v. raise in rank or dignity; praise.
  130. Execute
    v. put into effect; carry out. execution, n.
  131. Exemplary
    adj. serving as a model; outstanding.
  132. Exemplify
    v. serve as an example of; embody.
  133. Exhaustive
    adj. thorough; comprehensive.
  134. Exhilarating
    adj. invigorating and refreshing; cheering.
  135. Exonerate
    v. acquit; exculpate.
  136. Expedient
    adj. suitable; practical; politic. expediency, n.
  137. Expedite
    v. hasten.
  138. Explicit
    adj. totally clear; definite; outspoken.
  139. Exploit(V)
    v. make use of, sometimes unjustly. exploitative, adj.
  140. Extol
    v. praise; glorify.
  141. Extraneous
    adj. not essential; superfluous.
  142. Facilitate
    v. help bring about; make less difficult.
  143. Fallacious
    adj.[fuh-ley-shuhs] false; misleading. fallacy, n.
  144. Fanaticism
    n. excessive zeal; extreme devotion to a belief or cause.
  145. Fastidious
    adj. difficult to please; squeamish.
  146. Feasible
    adj. practical.
  147. Fervor
    n.[fur-ver] glowing ardor. intensity of feeling.
  148. Flagrant
    adj.[fley-gruhnt] conspicuously wicked; blatant; outrageous.
  149. Frivolous
    adj. lacking seriousness; self-indulgently carefree; relatively unimportant. frivolity, n.
  150. Frugality
    n.[froo-gal-i-tee] thrift; economy; prudent in saving; the lack of wastefulness. frugal, adj.
  151. Furtive
    adj. stealthy; sneaky.
  152. Garrulous
    adj.[gar-uh-luhs] loquacious[loh-kwey-shuhs]; wordy; talkative. garrulity, n.
  153. Glutton
    n. someone who eats too much. gluttonous, adj.
  154. Gratify
    v. please.
  155. Gratuitous
    adj.[gruh-too-i-tuhs] given freely; unwarrented; uncalled for.
  156. Gravity
    n. seriousness. grave, adj.
  157. Gregarious
    adj. sociable.
  158. Guile
    n.[gahyl] deceit; duplicity; wiliness[wahy-lee-nes]; cunning.
  159. Gullible
    adj. easily deceived.
  160. Hamper(V)
  161. Hardy
    adj. sturdy; robust; able to stand inclement weather.
  162. Haughtiness
    n. pride; arrogance.
  163. Hedonist
    n.[heed-n-ist] one who belives that pleasure is the sole aim in life.
  164. Heresy
    n.[her-uh-see] opinion contrary to popular belief; opinion contrary to accepted religion. heretic, n.
  165. Hierarchy
    n. arrangement by rank or standing; authoritarian body divided into ranks.
  166. Homogeneous
    adj.[hoh-muh-jee-nee-uhs] of the same kind. homogenize, v.
  167. Hypocritical
    adj. pretending to be virtuous; deceiving. hypocrisy, n.
  168. Hypothetical
    adj. based on assumptions or hypotheses; supposed. hypothesis, n.
  169. Idiosyncrasy
    n.[id-ee-uh-sing-kruh-see] individual trait, usually odd in nature; eccentricity. idiosyncratic, adj.
  170. Illusory
    adj.[ih-loo-suh-ree] deceptive; not real.
  171. Immutable
    adj.[ih-myoo-tuh-buhl] unchangeable.
  172. Impair
    v. injur; hurt;
  173. Impeccable
    adj. faultless.
  174. Impede
    v. hinder; block; delay.
  175. Implausible
    adj. unlikely; unbelievable.
  176. Implement(V)
    v. put into effect; supply with tools.
  177. Impudence
    n.[im-pyuh-duhns] impertinence; insolence.
  178. Inadvertent
    adv. unintentionally; by oversight; carelessly.
  179. Inane
    adj. silly; senseless.
  180. Incisive
    adj.[in-sahy-siv] cutting; sharp.
  181. Incite
    v. arouse to action; goad; motivate; induce to exit.
  182. Inclusive
    adj. tending to include all.
  183. Incongruous
    adj.[in-kong-groo-uhs] not fitting; absurd. incongruity, n.
  184. Inconsequential
    adj. insignificant; unimportant.
  185. Incorrigible
    adj.[in-kawr-i-juh-buhl] not correctable.
  186. Indict
    v.[in-dahyt] charge. indictment, n.
  187. Indifferent
    adj. unmoved or unconcerned by; mediocre.
  188. Indiscriminate
    adj. choosing at random; confused.
  189. Induce
    v. persuad; bring about. inducement, n.
  190. Inert
    adj. inactive; lacking power to move.
  191. Ingenious
    adj.[in-jeen-yuhs] clever; resourceful. ingenuity, n.
  192. Inherent
    adj.[in-heer-uhnt] firmly established by nature or habit.
  193. Innate
    adj. inborn.
  194. Innocuous
    adj.[ih-nok-yoo-uhs] harmless.
  195. Innovation
    n. change; introduction of something new. innovate, n.
  196. Insipid
    adj. lacking in flavor; dull.
  197. Instigate
    v. urge; start; provoke.
  198. Insularity
    n. narrow-mindedness; isolation. insular, adj.
  199. Integrity
    n. uprightness; wholeness.
  200. Intervene
    v. come between.
  201. Intimidate
    v. frighten.
  202. Intrepid
    adj. fearless.
  203. Inundate
    v.[in-uhn-deyt] overwhelm; flood; submerge.
  204. Invert
    v. turn upside down or inside out.
  205. Ironic
    adj. resulting in an unexpected and contrary outcome.
  206. Lament
    v.[luh-ment] grieve; express sorrow. lamentation, n.
  207. Laud
    v. praise; laudable. laudatory, adj.
  208. Lavish(ADJ)
    adj. generous; openhanded; extravagant; wasteful. also v.
  209. Lethargic
    adj. drowsy; dull.
  210. Levity
    n. lack of seriousness; lightness.
  211. Linger
    v. loiter or dawdle; continue or persist.
  212. Listless
    adj. lacking in spirit or energy.
  213. Lofty
    adj. very high.
  214. Malicious
    adj. hateful; spiteful.
  215. Marred
    adj. damaged; disfigured. mar, v.
  216. Materialism
    n. preoccupation with physical comforts and things.
  217. Methodical
    adj. systematic.
  218. Meticulous
    adj. excessively careful; painstaking; scrupulous.
  219. Miserly
    adj.[mahy-zer-lee] stingy; mean.
  220. Mitigate
    v. appease; moderate.
  221. Morose
    adj.[muh-rohs] ill-humored; sullen; melancholy.
  222. Mundane
    adj. worldly as opposed to spiritual; everyday.
  223. Negate
    v. cancel out; nullify; deny.
  224. Nonchalance
    n.[non-shuh-lahns] indifference; lack of concern; composure.
  225. Notoriety
    n. disrepute; ill-fame. notorious, adj.
  226. Novelty
    n.[nov-uhl-tee] something new; newness. novel, adj.
  227. Nurture
    v. nourish; educate; foster. also n.
  228. Obliterate
    v. destroy completely.
  229. Oblivion
    n. obscurity; forgetfulness.
  230. Obscure(V)
    v. darken; make unclear.
  231. Obstinate
    adj.[ob-stuh-nit] stubborn; hard to control or treat. obstinacy, n.
  232. Ominous
    adj. threatening.
  233. Opaque
    adj.[oh-peyk] dark; not transparent. opacity, n.
  234. Opportunist
    n. individual who sacrifices principles for expediency by taking advantage of circumstances.
  235. Optimist
    n . person wo looks on the good side.
  236. Opulence
    n.[op-yuh-luhns] extreme wealth; luxuriousness; abundance. opulent, adj.
  237. Orator
    n.[awr-uh-ter] public speaker.
  238. Ostentatious
    adj.[os-ten-tey-shuhs] showy; pretentious; trying to attract attention. ostentation, n.
  239. Pacifist
    n. one opposed to force; anti-militarist.
  240. Partisan
    adj. one-sided; prejudiced; committed to a party. also n.
  241. Peripheral
    adj. marginal; outer. periphery, n.
  242. Perpetuate
    v. make something last; preserve from extinction.
  243. Pervasive
    adj. pervading; spread throughout every part. pervade, v.
  244. Pessimism
    n. belief that life is basically bad or evil; gloominess.
  245. Phenomena
    n. observable facts; subjects of scientific investigation.
  246. Philanthropist
    n. lover of mankind; doer of good.
  247. Piety
    n.[pahy-i-tee] religious devotion; godliness. pious, adj
  248. Placate
    v.[pley-keyt] pacify; conciliate.
  249. Ponderous
    adj. weighty; unwieldy.
  250. Pragmatic
    adj. practical(as opposed to idealistic); concerned with the practical worth or impact of something.
  251. Preclude
    v. make impossible; eliminate.
  252. Precocious
    adj.[pri-koh-shuhs] advanced in development. precocity, n.
  253. Predecessor
    n. former occupant of a post.
  254. Presumptuous
    adj.[pri-zuhmp-choo-uhs] overconfident; impertinently bold; taking liberties.
  255. Pretentious
    adj. ostentatious; pompous; making unjustified claims; overly ambitious.
  256. Prevalent
    adj. widespread; generally accepted.
  257. Prodigal
    adj.[prod-i-guhl] wasteful; reckless with money. also n.
  258. Profane
    v. violate; desecrate; treat unworthily. also adj.
  259. Profound
    adj. deep; not superficial; complete. profundity, n.
  260. Profusion
    n. overabundance; lavish expenditure; excess.
  261. Proliferation
    n.[pruh-lif-uh-rey-shuhn] rapid growth; spread; multiplication. proliferate, v.
  262. Prolific
    adj. abundantly fruitful.
  263. Provincial
    adj. pertaining to a province; limited in outlook; unsophisticated.
  264. Proximity
    n. nearness.
  265. Prudent
    adj. cautious; careful. prudence, n.
  266. Qualified
    adj. limited; restricted.
  267. Quandary
    n. dilemma.
  268. Ramble
    v. wander aimlessly(physically or mentally).
  269. Rancor
    n.[rang-ker] bitterness; hatred.
  270. Ratify
    v. approve formally; confirm; verify.
  271. Rebuttal
    n.[ri-buht-l] refutation; response with contrary evidence.
  272. Recluse
    n.[ri-kloos] hermit; loner. reclusive, adj.
  273. Recount
    v. narrate or tell; count over again.
  274. Rectify
    v. set right; correct.
  275. Redundant
    adj. superfluous; repetitious; excessively wordy.
  276. Refute
    v. disprove. refutation, n.
  277. Relegate
    v. banish to an inferior position; delegate; assign.
  278. Remorse
    n. guilt; self-reproach.
  279. Renounce
    v.[ri-pyoo-dee-eyt] abandon; disown; repudiate. renunciation, n.
  280. Repel
    v. drive away; disgust.
  281. Reprehensible
    adj. deserving blame.
  282. Reprimand
    v. reprove severely; rebuke.
  283. Reprove
    v. censure; rebuke.
  284. Repudiate
    v. disown(reject); disavow.
  285. Reserve(N)
    n. self-control; formal but distant manner.
  286. Resigned
    adj. accepting one's fate; unresisting; patiently submissive.
  287. Resolution
    n. determination; resolve. resolute, adj.
  288. Resolve(N)
    n. determination; firmness of purpose.
  289. Restraint
    n. moderation or self-control; controlling force; restriction.
  290. Reticence
    n.[ret-uh-suhns] reserve; uncommunicativeness; inclination to silence. reticent, adj.
  291. Retract
    v. withdraw; take back. retraction, n.
  292. Reverent
    adj.[rev-er-uhnt] respectful; worshipful. revere, v.
  293. Rhetorical
    adj. pertaining to effective communication; insincere in language.
  294. Rigor
    n. severity.
  295. Robust
    adj. vigorous; strong.
  296. Sage
    n. person celebrated for wisdom. also, adj.
  297. Sanction(V)
    v approve; ratify.
  298. Satirical
    adj.[suh-tir-i-kuhl] mocking.
  299. Saturate
    v. soak thoroughly.
  300. Scanty
    adj. meager; insufficient.
  301. Scrupulous
    adj. conscientious; extremely thorough.
  302. Scrutinize
    v. examine closely and critically.
  303. Seclusion
    n. isolation; solitude. seclude, v.
  304. Servile
    adj. slavish; cringing.
  305. Skeptic
    n. doubter; person who suspends judgment until the evidence supporting a point of view has been examined.
  306. Sluggish
    adj. slow; lazy; lethargic.
  307. Somber
    adj. gloomy; depressing; dark; drab.
  308. Sporadic
    adj. occurring irregularly.
  309. Squander
    v. waste.
  310. Stagnant
    adj. motionless; stale; dull. stagnate, v.
  311. Static(ADJ)
    adj. unchanging; lacking development.
  312. Submissive
    adj. yielding; timid.
  313. Subordinate(ADJ)
    adj. occupying a lower rank; inferior; submissive.
  314. Subside
    v. settle down; descend; grow quiet.
  315. Substantiate
    v. establish by evidence; verify; support.
  316. Succinct
    adj[suhk-singkt] brief; terse; compact.
  317. Superficial
    adj. trivial; shallow.
  318. Superfluous
    adj. unnecessary; excessive; overabundant.
  319. Surpass
    v. exceed.
  320. Surreptitious
    adj.[sur-uhp-tish-uhs] secret; furtive; sneaky; hidden.
  321. Susceptible
    adj. impressionable; easily influenced; having little resistance, as to a disease; receptive to.
  322. Sustain
    v. experienced; support; nourish.
  323. Sycophant
    n.[sik-uh-fuhnt] servile flatterer; bootlicker; yes man. sycophancy, n.
  324. Taciturn
    adj.[tas-i-turn] habitually silent; talking little.
  325. Temper(V)
    v. moderate; tone down or restrain; toughen(steel).
  326. Tentative
    adj.[ten-tuh-tiv] hesitant; not fully worked out or developed; experimental; not definite or positive.
  327. Terse
    adj. concise; abrupt; pithy.
  328. Thrive
    v. prosper; flourish.
  329. Tranquillity
    n. calmness; peace.
  330. Transient
    adj.[tran-shuhnt] momentary; temporary; staying for a short time. transience, n.
  331. Trite
    adj. hackneyed; commonplace.
  332. Turbulence
    n. state of violent agitation.
  333. Turmoil
    n. great commotion and confusion.
  334. Undermine
    v. weaken; sap;
  335. Uniformity
    n. sameness; monotony.
  336. Unwarranted
    adj. unjustified; groundless; undeserved.
  337. Usurp
    v. seizing another's power or rank.
  338. Vacillate
    v.[vas-uh-leyt] waver; fluctuate.
  339. Venerate
    v.[ven-uh-reyt] revere.
  340. Verbose
    adj. wordy.
  341. Vigor
    n. active strength.
  342. Vilify
    v. slander.
  343. Vindicate
    v. clear from blame; exonerate; justify or support.
  344. Virtuoso
    n.[vur-choo-oh-soh] highly skilled artist. virtuosity, n.
  345. Volatile
    adj.[vol-uh-tl] changeable; explosive; evaporating rapidly.
  346. Whimsical
    adj. capricious; fanciful. whimsy, n.
  347. Zealot
    n. fanatic; person who shows excessive zeal.
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