A&P Urinary System

  1. What are the parts of the urinary system?
    2 kidneys, 2 ureters, 1 bladder, 1 urethra
  2. What are the functions of the kidneys?
    To maintain homeostasis through blood filtration, reabsorption & secretion; fluid balance regulation; acid-base regulation; hormone production
  3. What hormones control diuresis?
    Antidiuretic hormone (ADH) and aldosterone
  4. Where are the kidneys located?
    Dorsal and retroperitoneal to abd cavity
  5. What is the indented medial area of the kidney called?
  6. What leave the hilus?
    Blood and lymph vessels, nerves, and ureters
  7. What is the renal pelvis?
    Funnel shaped area in the hilus
  8. What is the outer portion of the kidney called?
    Renal cortex
  9. What is the inner portion of the kidney called?
    Renal medulla
  10. What are the extensions of the renal pelvis called?
    Calyces (calyx)
  11. What is the basic functional unit of the kidney called?
  12. What are the nephrons composed of?
    Renal corpuscle, proximal convulated tubule, loop of Henle, and distal convulated tubule
  13. What makes up the renal corpuscle?
    Glomerulus and Bowman's capsule
  14. What are the components of the glomerulus? 
    Glomerular capillaries
  15. What is Bowman's capsule?
    Double-walled capsule surrounding the glomerulus
  16. What is glomerular filtrate?
    The fluid produced after blood has been filtered
  17. What is the fxn of the PCT (proximal convoluted tubule)?
    Reabsorption and secretion 
  18. What is the fluid in the PCT called?
    Tubular filtrate
  19. What structure is a continuation of the PCT? 
    Loop of Henle
  20. What do the DCT (distal convoluted tubule) empty into the collecting ducts?
    Tubular filtrate
  21. Which hormone plays an important role in urine volume in the collecting ducts?
    Antidiuretic hormone (ADH)
  22. What artery branches off the abdominal portion of the aorta to enter the kidney at the hilus?
    Renal artery
  23. What carries blood into the glomerular capillaries of the renal corpuscle?
    Afferent glomerular arterioles
  24. What do the glomerular capillaries filter?
    Plasma from the blood to put it in the capsular space of Bowman's capsule
  25. The peritubular capillaries perform what?
    Oxygen transfer to nephron cells
  26. What doe the peritubular capillaries become?
    Renal vein, which leaves the kidney and joins the abd portion of the caudal vena cava
  27. Pores in the capillary endothelium are called?
  28. Glomerular filtration rate (GFR) measures what?
    How fast plasma is filtered as it passes through the glomerulus
  29. Name some substances that are important for homeostasis that are reabsorbed in the blood
    Na, K, Ca, Mg, glucose, AA, chloride, bicarbonate and water
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