Genetics 5

  1. What genes violate the law of independent assortment?
    Genes located close together on a chromosome.
  2. What is gene mapping and what is it used for?
    A method to determine the relative positions of genes on a chromosome and the distance between them. I allows us to determine what genes are on which chromosomes and allows us to determine if genes are linked.
  3. What type of genes can be independently assorted due to crossing over in meiosis 1?
    Genes that are located far enough apart on the same linkage group.
  4. Chromosomes that have a different allele combination from the parent cells is called what?
    • Non- parental¬†
    • Recombinant¬†
  5. Who discovered crossing over?
    Bateson and Punnet
  6. There is a correlation between the number of _____ and the distance between _____.
    • recombinant gametes
    • two genes on the same chromosome¬†
  7. What is the formula for map distance?
    Map Distance = (# of recombinant offspring / # total offspring) * 100
  8. One map unit is equal to _____% recombination frequency.
  9. Why does the reliability of the map distance equation begin to dimnish as the number reaches 50%?
    Because of multiple crosses in regions between genes that are far apart.
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