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  1. When using a self-managed team, a manager should
    allow members to hire their own co-workers.
  2. The blind unwillingness of a cohesive group to consider alternatives is called
  3. Administrative oversight given to self-managed teams can include
    • planning.
    • scheduling work.
    • monitoring performance.
    • staffing.
    • (all of the above.)
  4. During the adjourning stage, the leader should
    celebrate rituals.
  5. To prevent groupthink, a manager should
    bring outsiders into the group regularly.
  6. Which of the following is a way managers can enhance team cohesiveness? "
    allowing off-the-job social events
  7. ________ is appropriate for complex issues plagued by misunderstanding.
  8. Which of the following is a characteristic of a quality circle?
  9. A socially determined expectation of how an individual should behave in a specific position is called a
  10. Cisco Systems told executives they would gain or lose 30% of their bonuses based on how well they worked with peers and in 3 years had record profits. The cause of the profit increase is most likely an example of
    improved workplace cohesiveness.
  11. The relationship between the level of conflict and workgroup performance is
    more conflict raises performance up to a point; then increased conflict lowers performance.
  12. Knowledgeable workers who meet as a temporary team to solve a specific problem and then disband are called a
    problem-solving team.
  13. Which of the following is a characteristic of a self-managed team?
    team bonuses are used
  14. During the norming stage of group development, the leader should
    help the team identify group goals and values.
  15. A stakeholder group who provides reactions to new curriculum proposals by a university faculty is an example of a(n)
    advice team.
  16. Which of the following is a disadvantage of larger groups?
    lower morale
  17. As follower readiness increases, leaders should move from _______ to _______ to ________ to _______ style.
    telling, selling, participating, delegating
  18. Which of the following is an example of the full-range approach to leadership?
    transactional leadership
  19. From the University of Michigan and Ohio State studies, one management expert concluded that effective leaders tend to do all but one of the following. Which one?
    give clear orders and expect them to be carried out
  20. Which type of leader manages for global networks?
  21. Alejandro compliments his co-worker Joe on the great job he did on the weekly report, and also informs their mutual boss. Alejandro is using __________ power.
  22. The three least favored influence tactics, according to a recent survey of employees, are
    coalition, pressure, and legitimating.
  23. Organizations may apply trait theory by
    using management development programs.
  24. __________ is defined as the extent to which a follower possesses the ability and willingness to complete a task.
  25. ___________ power results from one's specialized information.
  26. A subordinate who is unable to do the job, but who is willing or confident, is classified in the Hersey-Blanchard model as
  27. According to Fiedler's model, a relationship-oriented leadership style works best in __________ situations.
    moderate control
  28. Jeffrey supervises the pool of word processors who serve the entire group of lawyers at his law firm. Jeffrey gets along well with his people, and has worked hard to create detailed procedures and instructions for every type of legal document that the typists might encounter. Jeffrey hires and fires, gives out work assignments, does performance appraisals and decides on promotions. According to Fiedler, the appropriate leadership style in this situation would be
  29. The model that suggests that an effective leader clarifies how subordinates can achieve personal and organizational objectives is
    House's path-goal model.
  30. According to Fiedler's model, _________ situation control favors a leader who is _________ oriented.
    moderate; relationship
  31. The influence tactic least likely to result in the enthusiastic commitment of employees is
    forming a coalition.
  32. A chief scientist directing a team of researchers investigating the causes of different diseases should probably use the __________ style.
  33. According to Fiedler's model, to find out what her management style is, a manager would have
    her employees fill out a questionnaire.
  34. Compared to women, men tend to
    be indirect when they don't know something.
  35. The more management levels through which a message passes
    the more distorted the message may become.
  36. A female professor uses sports analogies in illustrating her lectures to a group of male students. She is said to be
  37. A study conducted by AT&T and Stanford University found that the top predictor of success and professional upward mobility was
    public speaking ability.
  38. Mina is a cashier in a gambling casino. Her job involves working at one of several windows where patrons bring coins they have won, and the cashiers dump the coins into noisy coin-counting machines. Sometimes, it is very difficult for her to hear what the patrons are saying to her. This is an example of a(n) __________ barrier to communication.
  39. The drawbacks of using e-mail include which of the following?
    information overload
  40. Of the following, which medium is the richest?
  41. The grapevine is
    faster than formal channels.
  42. Top executives at XYZ Company want to let lower level managers know that XYZ is going to be acquired by ABC, Inc. How should they communicate this? (Assume that all of the choices are possible.)
    schedule a conference phone call
  43. Communications that follow the chain of command and are considered as official are known as
  44. Which of the following is a step in the communication process?
    message is transmitted through a medium
  45. High-definition videoconference systems that simulate face-to-face meetings between users are called __________ technology.
  46. Which of the following is a piece of advice to help reduce the amount of information coming your way?
    find a way to filter out unwanted messages
  47. How well a particular medium conveys information and promotes learning is called its
  48. Jeremy shares information with his fellow task-force members about their project. Jeremy is communicating
  49. The study of the meaning of words is called
  50. An organization expands its private Internet to connect with customers, suppliers, and other partners. This expansion is called its
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