PSY 210 Quiz 1

  1. Parameter
    quantity calculated from a population
  2. Statistic
    quantity calculated from a sample
  3. Image Upload 1 
    Sigma: Population Standard Deviation
  4. Sigma
    Symbol for population deviation
  5. Image Upload 22
    Sigma Squared: Population Variance
  6. Sigma Squared
    Population Variance
  7. Image Upload 3
    mu: population mean
  8. mu
    population mean
  9. Population Variance
    variance of the population - usually estimated, rarely computed
  10. Population
    Set of all objects that we're interested in researching
  11. Standard Deviation
    square root of the variance
  12. Sample
    Subset of the population; set of the actual observations
  13. Significance
    results are unlikely to have occured by chance alone
  14. Random Sample
    each member of the population has an equal chance of being included
  15. Image Upload 4
    sample mean
  16. s2
    Sample Variance
  17. s
    Sample Standard Deviation
  18. X
    Individual Observation; Raw Score
  19. Central Limit Theorem (CLT)
    Given a population with finite mean mu and finite variance sigma squared, the sampling distribution of the mean approaches a normal distribution with the mean mu and variance sigma squared divided by N, as N, the sample size, increases
  20. Measures of Central Tendency (3 Ms)


  21. Mean
    arithmatic average: The sum of the scores divided by the number of scores
  22. Median
    Middlemost score
  23. Mode
    the most frequently occuring score
  24. abscissa
    x axis; horizontal axis
  25. ordinate
    y axis; vertical axis
  26. Histogram
    bar chart
  27. N
    the number of observations
  28. Normal Distribution
    Bell Curve; Mesokurtic
  29. Frequency Distribution
    Frequency Polygon
  30. Skewed Distribution - Skewness
    a skewed bell curve; a measure of the degree to which a distribution is asymmetrical
  31. Kurtosis
    levelness/flatness around the mode of a frequency distribution
  32. Leptokurtosis
    more scores in the tails and fewer in the middle as compared to the corresponding normal distribution

    most commom with small sample sizes 
  33. Platykurtic Distribution
    more scores in the middle and fewer scores in the tails as compared to the normal corresponding distribution
  34. Image Upload 5

    What type of Distribution is this???
  35. Image Upload 6
    What type of Distribution is this???
    Leptokurtic Distribution
  36. Image Upload 7

    What type of distribution is this??? 
    Uniform Distribution
  37. Measures of Dispersion


    Standard Deviation 
  38. Range
    Largest score minus the smallest score
  39. Variance
    average of the square deviations from the mean
  40. Z Distribution
    Standard Normal Distribution
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