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    • Always ensure the air saver switch on the mask mounted regulater is
    • Fully depressed
  1. The purge valve is fully rotates which way
  2. How do you open the cylinder valve
    Slowly turning handwheel away from user then back of 1\4
  3. The scba consist of 5 major components what are they
    • Cylinder assembly
    • Backframe/harnessed
    • Redundant dual path pressure reducer
    • Positive pressure mask mount reg
    • Facepiece
  4. When cylinder is charged with 4500 psi how long can the user use it
  5. What is the cylinder composed of
    Carbon fiber wrapped over aluminum liner
  6. The cylinder is available in how many sizes
  7. What is a burst disc
    The copper disc is a safety feature designed to rupture if inadvertent over pressurized of 7200 psi
  8. What is the hanger plate
    Mounted on cylinder used to position support and lock cylinder assembly to back frame
  9. What is the remote pressure indicator and where is it located
    • Provides user a reading of pressure in 500psi increment
    • Right shoulder strap
  10. What is the mask mounting regulator
    Maintains air flow into the face piece at a pressure greater than atmospheric pressure
  11. How many led lights are there and where are they located
    • 5
    • Heads up display
  12. What does the air savor switch do
    Prevents the free air flow of air when the face piece is not donned
  13. When is the vibralert engaged
    Pressure reaches approx 900-1125psi(20-25% of full) or when the pressure reducer malfunctions
  14. What's 2 green led lights mean
    3\4th full
  15. What's one green led light mean
    3/4th to 1/2 full
  16. What's one yellow slow flashing led light mean
    1/2 to 1/4th full
  17. What's one red rapidly flashing led light mean
    1/4 full
  18. What's one round led red light mean
    Low battery
  19. Before performing any maintenance what should you do
    Bleed the system of air
  20. When purging the purge valve which way do you rotate
    Counterclockwise to open
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