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    • When assigned to a vessel each crew member should be issued what and what all is on it
    • Station bill card
    • Crew member station bill number
    • Name and rate
    • Fire and emergency station
    • Life boat number
    • Abandon ship an boat station
  1. Fire signal
    Continuous blast for not less than 10 sec
  2. Signal for abandon ship
    More than 6 short blast fallowed by one long blast
  3. Signal for dismissal from fire or emergency stations
    3 short blast
  4. What is the starting point for shipboard survival and survival training
    Station bill
  5. Who is the only one that can sign the station bill
    Ships master
  6. What are the 4 classes of fires
    • Class a flammable solids
    • Class b flammable liquid
    • Class c flammable electrical
    • Class d combustible metal
  7. Does the environment of the fire effect the classification of the fire
  8. What type of extinguisher would be used on a class a
    Water,cooling agent,foam,drychemical
  9. What type of fire extinguisher would be used on a class b
    Water fog,dry chemical,foam,carbon dioxide
  10. What type of fire extinguisher would be used on a class d
    • Dry powder
    • Sodium or patassium base
  11. Dry powder is only used to extinguish what
    Class d
  12. Can dry chemical be used to extinguish a class d
  13. When fire fighting what percent of the water from a straight stream is actually absorbs heat from the fire
  14. When fire fighting and using a straight steam where should the stream be directed
    The seat of the fire
  15. What is the main use of the solid stream
    Break up the burning material and penetrate to the seat of a class a
  16. A straight stream is also known as what
    Solid stream
  17. For low velocity fog stream when using a 1 1/2 nozzles what applicators are approved
    • 4 foot 60 degrees angle applicator
    • 10 foot 90 degrees angle applicator
  18. For low velocity fog stream when using a 2 1/2 nossles applicator are approved
    12 foot 90° angle
  19. Can afff be used in a joint attack with dry chemical
  20. Foam is vary effective on what combine fire classes
    A and b
  21. How many major components are there to hydrant and what are they
    • 3
    • Control valve
    • Hose connection
    • Hose rack
  22. What type of valve is on a hydrant
    Control valve
  23. On a hydrant what size hose connection are tgey
    • 1 1/2
    • 2 1/2
  24. The threads on the fire hydrant must be
    National standard fire hose coupling threads
  25. Where do you use 2 1/2 in diameter hoses
    Weather deck locations
  26. Where do you use 1 1/2 in diameter hoses
    Enclosed areas
  27. No not used unlined where
    Machinery space
  28. Hoses must be at what length
    50 feet
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