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    • If you can reduce the flow of water by more than what percent is concurred a job well done.
    • 50%
  1. The term shoring involve how many phases and what are they
    • 2
    • Stop or reduce the flow of water
    • Bracing or shoring up damage or weaken structure by transferring/spreading pressure
  2. How many steps are they to shoring and what are they
    • 3
    • 1sgt step clear the deck
    • 2nd speed
    • 3rd preparation(drills)
  3. When shoring you place the legs of shoring against strongbacks at what angle
    45 to 90°
  4. How do you secure all shoring
    • Nails
    • Cleats
  5. Never use shoring that is longer than
    30 times its minimum thickness
  6. When cutting shores they should be cut
    1 inch shorter then the measured length to allow space for wedges
  7. Wooden plugs and wedges are usually good to plug holes up to
    6in diameter
  8. When using plugs what can be done for additional sealing
    Wrapping the plug with cloth or oakum
  9. If there is a crack what do you do
    • Drill a small hole on each end
    • Place rubber canvas over crack
    • Then shore it
  10. What is a patch used for
    Large holes
  11. What can be used to retard the flow of water until a more suitable patch can be applied
    • Pillow
    • Mattress
    • Blanket
  12. What is the size of a hinged plate patch
    18in or less in diameter
  13. 3 basic objectives of shipboard damage control
    • Prevention
    • Control of damage
    • Repair
  14. What type of plug is used to repair a large hole near the water line
    Cloth plug
  15. What should you not used when repairing a crack
  16. What is a strongback
    Bar or beam used to distribute pressure
  17. What is shole
    Flat black placed under a shore to distribute pressure
  18. How is the approximate length of a good wedge determine
    6 times its butt thickness
  19. What are the types of hook bolts
    • T bolt
    • j bolt
    • L bolt
  20. What is the best patch for a minor pip patch
    Jubilee patch
  21. What is a jubilee patch
    An adjustable strap with a flange on each end
  22. When do you mix the hardener with the resin
    Until all preparation have been complete
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