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    • When checking the oil level on the pump you need to make sure the pump is what
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  1. When checking the oil do you screw the dip stick back in before pulling it out
  2. Do you check the engine lube oil while running
  3. What is used on the open end suction line when pumping water
    Strainer not larger than 1/4 mesh
  4. Keep the suction intake well above the bottom of the water but if you can not what should you do
    Place metal pan under
  5. When operating the pump the static life must not exceed
    22ft from the center of the pump to the surface of the water
  6. When operating the pump the lift should not exceed
  7. pump discharge check valve maybe partly open during prime if
    Lifts less than 10ft
  8. pump discharge check valve has to be completely closed during priming if
    Lifts of 10ft and more
  9. what is a sign that the pump/engine started in the reverse rotation direction
    exhaust gas is coming out of the intake filter
  10. do you run the pump at high speeds if it's not discharging water
  11. with a list of less than 10 feet how do you prime it
    Start the engine and run at fast idle to prime
  12. With a lift of 10-22ft how do your prime it
    Run at full throttle to prime
  13. The exhaust valve is in the prime position when the handle is what
  14. After priming the pump with water start the pump and raise the discharge pressure to what
  15. The normal drip rate may vary between
    5-60 drops per minute
  16. What is a sign that the p-100 is being over fueled
    Black exhaust smoke
  17. What will over fueling cause
    • Dilution of engine oil
    • Premature wear on cylinder walls and bearings
  18. How do you shut down the p-100
    • reduced engine speed to idle
    • let engine cool down for 2 minutes
    • then shut down
  19. When shutting down when you place the throttle control to stop and the engine does not shut down what do you do
    Shut the fuel tank isolation valve off
  20. The p-100 consist of what component
    • Engine
    • Centrifugal pump
    • Exhaust primer
    • Discharge valve
    • Recoil starter
    • Pressure gage
  21. What is the fuel composite
    • 1.45 gallons
    • 2.75 hr. Operation
  22. The p-100 can pump how many gpm at what psi and what lift
    • 100gpm
    • 83psi
    • 20feet lift
  23. What is suction lift
    Vertical distance from the pump suction inlet to the free surface of the water being pumped
  24. What is attached to the discharge fittings
    Wye-gate or tri-gate
  25. A nozzle of 1 1\2 in has a flow rate of what
    95 to 125 gpm
  26. Do not fill fuel tank beyond what
    Red plug inside the tank
  27. Gpm at 83 psi
  28. At 100gpm what is the psi
  29. P100 char.
    Air cooled single cylinder 4 cycle 10hp
  30. What is the propose of the p100
    • De water
    • Fire pump
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