Jquery filters

  1. filter out the first returned result, such as the first instance of .classBob
    :first as in $(".classBob:first")
  2. Filter for the final entry on a page such as in the last instance of .classBob
    :last as in $(".classBob:last")
  3. Filter only the even entires
  4. filter only the odd results
  5. If you use the odd filter, is the first instance of an object selected?

    No. Zero index. So it would be the second as in  0,1,2,3,4 where 1 and 3 are selected.

  6. filters out to only a certain index of a number as in the nth instance of classBob. Like the 3rd instance of .classBob
    :eq(n) as in $(".classBob:eq(3)").
  7. Includes everything that is past a certain index. 
    greater than :gt(n)
  8. includes elements that are less than a certain index
  9. Includes all headers
  10. Includes all objects that are animated
  11. Includes something that is NOT. A function for not selecting things
    :not(selector) as in :not(.classBob)
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Jquery filters
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