GENB 4350 ch 9

  1. the promise to refrain form doing something that a party has a legal right to do
  2. in the making of a contract, the party who makes a promise
  3. in the making of a contract, the party to whom a promise is made
  4. a promise  to donate money to a church, temple, mosque, hospital, college, or any charitable organization
  5. a written agreement in which an aggrieved party can discharge in whole or in part a claim resulting from an alleged breach of contract
    general release
  6. a promise to pay an existing debt ir to obey the law, or a similare promise of something already owed
    barren promise
  7. an obligation that a party  is already bound to by law or by some other agreement. The party may not  use this as a consideration in a new contract
    preexisitng duty
  8. a promise that does not require some benefit in return
    gratuitous promise
  9. something  that a person is not legally bound to do but that he or she may feel bound to do because of love, friendship, honor, sympathy, conscience, or other reason
    moral consideration
  10. a promise to repay someone for a benefit after it has been received
    past consideration
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GENB 4350 ch 9
GENB 4350 ch 9