C Programming

  1. What does stdio.h stand for?
    Standard input output
  2. What is the first line of code?
    #include <stdio.h>
  3. Where does the ; belong?
    At the end of all lines, such as function calls.
  4. What does the \n stand for?
    It moves the cursor on your screen to the next line.
  5. What is the getchar( ) for?
    Tells the computer to wait for the user to hit enter.
  6. What are the curly braces { } used for?
    They signal the beginning and end of functions and other code blocks.
  7. What is int main ( )?
    Tells the compiler that there is a function named main and that the function returns an integer.
  8. What are the types of variables?
    Char, int, and float
  9. What is a char type of variable for?
    stores a single character
  10. What is a int type of variable for?
    stores integers (numbers without decimal places).
  11. What is a float type of variable for?
    Stores numbers with decimal places.
  12. Is it permissible to delcare multiple variables of the same type on the same line?
    Yes, and each one should be seperated by a comma.

    int a, b, c, d; 
  13. Where are variable declarations come? Before or after the "code blocks"
    • Must come before as in:
    • {
    • int x;
    • printf ( "Declare x first" );
    • return 0
  14. What do you use to seperate memos so that the compiler will dissregard them?
    /* memos within this is dissregarded */
  15. What is printf?
    Print Formatted It is the way to print out to the screen
  16. What is scanf?
    Scan Formatted tells to read input for numbers and other datatypes
  17. What is the this Flowchart symbol?
    Image Upload 1 
    Preperation / Initialzation:

    • 1. Signifies the preparation of data
    • 2. used to select initial conditions
    • 3. used to present instructions or groups of instructions that will alter or modify a program's course of execution 
  18. What is this Flowchart symbol?
    Image Upload 2 
    Input / Output:

    shows input and output.  Data are to be read into the computer memory from an input device or data are to b e passed from the memory to an output device.
  19. What is this Flowchart symbol?
    Image Upload 3 

    Performas any calculations that are to be done. 
  20. What is this flowchart symbol?
    Image Upload 4 
    On-page connector:

    • 1. Shows the entry or exit point of the flowchart
    • 2. A non-processing symbol used to connect one part of a flowchart to another without drawing flowlines
    • 3. Conserves space by keeping related blocks near one another, reduces the number of flowlines in complex programs, and eliminates cross lines from taking place. 
  21. What is this Flowchart symbol?
    Image Upload 5 
    Off-page Connector:

    Designates entry to or exit from one page when a flowchart requires more than one page. 
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