MA 122

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  1. tonic
    pertaining to muscle tone
  2. strain
    injury involving over stretching
  3. sprain
    trauma to a joint
  4. creatine phoshokinase
    chemical by roduct of muscle use, use tod x muscle damage
  5. torticollis
    head is inclined & neck is twisted to one side
  6. tendon
    tissue binding muscle to bone
  7. ligaments
    tissue that binds bone to bone
  8. asthenia
    loss of strength
  9. supination
    turning palm upward
  10. myalgia
    muscle pain
  11. dystrophy
    lack of muscle tissue
  12. faslectomy
    surgical removal of fibrous tissue
  13. myoclonus
    abrupt spams or teitch od a muscle
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