Intro to Computing

  1. What is data processing?
    The manipulation of data into a more usefull form which involves the collecting, processing and distribution of facts and figures to achieve a desired result.
  2. What is the basic data processing cycle?
    Input - Process - Output
  3. What is the expanded data processing cycle?
    Origination - Input - Processing - Output - Distribution with two way movement between Processing and Storage.
  4. What is Input?
    In this step the initial data, or input data are prepared in some convenient form for processing.
  5. What is processing?
    The input data are changed and usually combined with other information to produce data in a more usefull form.
  6. What is Output?
    The results of th epreceeding processing steps are collected.  The particular form of the output data depends on teh use of the data.
  7. What is Origination?
    The step which refers to the process of collecting the original data.
  8. What is distribution?
    Refers to the distribution of the output data.  Recordings of the output data are often called report documents.
  9. What is Storage?
    Storage is crucial in many data processing procedures. Data processing results are frequently placed in storage to be used as input data for further processing at a later date.
  10. What is a uniformed set of data in storage called?
    A file
  11. What is a collection of related files called?
    A database
  12. What is data?
    Data is defined as any collection of facts.  Thus, sales reports, inventory figures, test scores, customers names, and weather reports are all examples of data.
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