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  1. Explain style of the 20s
    • Roaring 20s
    • Charleston
    • Box shaped dresses and shoes
    • Strings of long pearls
    • Kiss curls, short bobs, pin curls all accessorized with head bands and hats
    • Makeup- heavy and pale with dark smudged eyes, painted cheeks and new stung lips in dark burgundy
    • Chanel made first appearance
  2. Explain style of the 30s
    • More feminine and sexy
    • Clothes had more shape, fitted waists, shoulder pads, and open backs. Gloves and elegant hats
    • Men: clean shaven or with a mustache with greased back hair
    • Style very glamorous wearing diamonds, fur sequins, beading and feathers
    • Icons were Bette Davis, Mae west and marline detric
    • Makeup: more natural then 20s. Soft smokey eye and natural lip line with red tones
  3. Explain style of the 40s
    • Fashion influenced by way- uniforms
    • Pants and jackets had masculine feel with synched waist and men's hat
    • Shorter hemlines
    • Wore socks rather than nylons
    • Fake stockings by painting Seam down back of leg
    • Hair: hairnets and rolls, pleats or permed or finger waved
    • Makeup: natural with green eye shadow. Stronger brown and over drawn smears orange-red lips
    • Hollywood stars: Joan Crawford, Ingrid bergman, Veronica lake, Eva perone
    • Pin ups were late 40s
  4. Explain the style of the 50s
    • Glamour explosion led by Dior
    • Clothing: feminine, satin and sequin, gloves, formed pointy bras, fitted waists, jeans, capries, poodle skirts and bobby socks
    • Large earrings, and head bands
    • Hair: very set looking, layered to create volume and lift
    • Pony tails and bangs
    • Makeup: matte with string square brows, eyeshadow was blue. Soft cheeks and bright red lips

    Stars: Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, Jackie O
  5. Explain style of the 60s
    Britain was fashion influence

    Looks: studio 54, hippie, and mod

    Beehive was popular

    Large colorful jewelry, geometric look for clothing and haircuts.

    Hang bags and boots were large and shiny or unstructured made of suede with fringes

    stars: twiggy, the Beatles, rolling stones, Mary quant
  6. Explain studio 54 style (1960s)
    • Girls dressed like raggedy anne. Red strawberry hair in pigtails with painted on freckles
    • Micro minis, hot pants, bathing suits and bikinis with lots of skin
  7. Explain mod style (1960)
    • Mini skirts, geometric patterns, and black and white with strong colors
    • Hair cut geometrically similar to Vidal Sassoon
    • Hight platform boots, shiny plastic colors
    • Men had the same geometric cuts and wore tight roll necks
  8. Explain the hippie style (1960)
    • Natural with long hanging hair, braids and loose ponytails
    • No structure to clothes: afghans
    • Baggy hip huggers, headbands, suede handbags, no bras and loose flowing shirts with flip flops
    • Hair piled ontop of head with hair extensions or pixie style
    • Hair pieces and wigs
  9. Explain the style of the 70s
    Hippe look carried over

    Stars: bee gees, David Bowie, Abba, blondie, Charlie's angels, Brady bunch, partridge family

    Mods and hippies

    • New look- punk
    • - hard and edgy
    • Lots of black, safety pins, facial piercing, big boots, chains, colored hair and shaved heads
    • Hair : long curled and flicked or straight bobbed haircut
    • Makeup: natural, bronzed or overdone for the more glamorous
  10. Explain style of the 80s
    • Influence: Madonna, Michael Jackson, Cindy lauper, Duran Duran and prince
    • Everything excessive
    • Clothing: boxy with structure- shoulder pads and belted waists. Spandex and neon colors, leg Warner's, heels with socks and cut off gloves, drain pipe jeans, skinny ties
    • Hair: head bands perms and highlights . Crimped and big
    • Men hair: mullet, spiky, feathered coifs
    • Makeup bright, colorful and overdone
  11. Explain style of the 90s
    • Combination of 60s, 70s, and 80s
    • Hair became sleeker but color was played up
    • Hip hop popular
  12. Explains style of 2000?
    • Brought back looks of 20s, 30s, and 40s with edgy feel
    • More individual looks
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