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  1. Eavesdropping
    When a computer user observes transmissions intended for someone else.
  2. Echo check
    A hardware control that verifies transmitted data by having the receiving device send the message back to the sending device so that the message received can be compared with the message sent
  3. Economic Espionage
    The theft of info and intellectual property
  4. Economic Order Quantity (EOQ)
    The optimal order size so as to minimize the sum of ordering, carrying, and stock out costs
  5. Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
    The use of computerized communication to exchange business data electronically in order to process transactions
  6. Electronic Envelope
    A method for protecting e-mail messages by using public or private key techniques to encrypt and decrypt messages
  7. E-mail Bomb
    A type of denial of service attack in which the receiver's e-mail server is bombarded with hundreds of e-mails.
  8. Embedded Audit Module
    Special portions of application programs that track items of interest to auditors such as any unauthorized attempts to access the data files
  9. End-User Computing (EUC)
    The creation, control, and implementation by end users of their own info system
  10. Enterprise Resource Planning System (ERP)
    A system that integrates all aspects of an org's activities into one accounting info system
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cpea bec nformation-technology-e ninja
cpea bec nformation-technology-e ninja