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  1. lewd
    vulgar, indecent
  2. linchpin
    a central, vital element
  3. malign
    to speak evil of 
  4. manifold
    abundant, many
  5. merger
    a union, meeting, an amalgamation
  6. modicum
    a bit, a small amount
  7. mores
    traditional customs
  8. newfangled
    quite recent
  9. noisome
    offensive, foul
  10. objective
    fair, impartial
  11. odious
    hateful, horrible
  12. paragon
    an outstanding example
  13. pariah
    a social outcast
  14. physiogynomy
    the face or outside takenas an offering of insight into character, aaspect, visage
  15. pithy
    brief, to the point
  16. pittance
    a tiny amount
  17. pliable
    benable, adaptable
  18. poise
    a state of balance or equilibrium
  19. portentous
  20. portly
    bulky or fat
  21. preponderence
    supeeriority in weight, importance, or influence
  22. preage
    an omen
  23. prestidigitation
    a dexterous execution of magic tricks
  24. pretentious
    marked by extravagent showiness
  25. prevaricate
    to stray from or evade the truth
  26. progressive
    liberal, growing
  27. provoctive
    tending to incite
  28. prudish
    shy and strict in behaviour
  29. pugnacious
    belligerent, rebellious, combative, defiant
  30. pungent
    penetrating, biting
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