1. I’m going to the park with Juan.
    Voy al parque con Juan.
  2. My friends are going to the mountains.
    Mis amigos van a las montañas.
  3. He is going to read the newspaper.
    Va a leer el periódico.
  4. They are going to walk around town
    Van a pasear por el pueblo
  5. When asking a question that contains a form of the verb ir, remember to use ___________


    • ¿Adónde vas?    
    • (To)  Where are you going?
  6. Let’s take a stroll.
    Vamos a pasear.
  7. Let’s see!
    ¡Vamos a ver!
  8. __________ + [infinitive] can also express the idea of let’s(do something).
    Vamos a
  9. Comenzar and empezar require the preposition a when _________.
    they are followed by an infinitive.
  10. They begin playing at seven
    Comienzan a jugar a las siete.
  11. Ana starts to write a postcard.
    Ana empieza a escribir una postal.
  12. Alex and the boy play footbal.
    Alex y el chico juegan al fútbol.
  13. I say; I tell
    Yo digo
  14. I’m following their plan.
    Sigo su plan.
  15. I get novels at the bookstore.
    Consigo novelas en la librería.
  16. to tell the truth
    decir la verdad
  17. to tell lies
    decir mentiras
  18. to say that
    decir que
  19. to say the answer
    decir la respuesta
  20. ________ is used to indicate that someone is leaving a particular place.
    Salir de
  21. ________  is used to indicate someone’s destination.
    Salir para
  22. __________ means to leave with someone or something, or to date someone.
    Salir con
  23. Carlos turns on the radio.
    Carlos pone la radio.
  24. Today I leave the hospital.
    Hoy salgo del hospital.
  25. He leaves class at four.
    Sale de la clase a las cuatro.
  26. Tomorrow I leave for Mexico.
    Mañana salgo para México.
  27. Alberto is leaving with his backpack.
    Alberto sale con su mochila.
  28. Margarita is going out with Guillermo.
    Margarita sale con Guillermo.
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