nutrition digestion cont

  1. What effect does secretin have on pancreas
    send out bicorbinate ions to reduce acidic chyme
  2. What are the functions of cholecystokinin
    initiates pancreas enzyme secretions

    inhibits HCL

    causes gallbladder to release bile
  3. What does a protease do
    breaks down protein to amino acid
  4. what does a lipase breakdown
    fat into fatty acids
  5. Where do protease and lipase get released from
  6. What digestive enzymes and hormones are released from the small intestine
    • secretin
    • cholecystokinin
  7. What gets released from the gallbladder
  8. What is the purpose of bile in digestion
    to emulsify fats
  9. Why is fiber good for us
    keeps us full,but doesn't get digested
  10. final absorption site of water
    large intestine
  11. process by which substances pass through the intestinal mucosa and into the blood and lymph
  12. How does absorption occur
    • diffusion
    • osmosis
    • facilitaed diffusion
    • active transport
  13. Material move freely from high to low concentration
  14. Movement of water
  15. uses carrier molecule to move from high to low concentration
    facilitaed diffusion
  16. uses energy and carrier molecule to move from low to high concentration
    active transport
  17. What nutrients are absorbed regardless of the body's needs
    fats, carbs, and proteins
  18. Where are nutrients stored
    bones, liver, and kidneys
  19. what are the nutrient transport systems
    • circulatory
    • lymphatic
  20. Where does the circulatory system first take the nutrients
    • liver for filtration
    • then to heart
  21. Where do the nutrients in the lymphatic system get deposited
    bloodstream near the heart
  22. What nutrients are recieved in large amounts of the lymphatic system
    lipids and fat soluable vitamins
  23. What makes up feces
    • undigested fats
    • undigested materials
    • water
    • bacteria
    • pigments
    • mucus
  24. breakdown of food, releases energy
  25. synthesis of substances
  26. set of processes through which nutrients are used for energy
  27. reverse peristalsis
  28. What causes constipation
    slow moving feces in the colon
  29. How can you treat constipation
    • high fiber
    • regular meals
    • increase liquids
    • exercise
    • relax
  30. What are common causes of  diarrhea
    • infections
    • lactose intolerance
    • stress
    • spoiled food
  31. Name an issue with a young infants GI tract
    digest proteins that are not completly digested, causing allergies
  32. When can lactose intolerance develop
  33. What are GI condsidrations for middle aged people
    gallbladder disease and ulcers
  34. What are GI considerations for the elderly
    constipation and diverticulosis from decreased peristalsis
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nutrition digestion cont
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