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  1. Specific Warm-up
    Low intensity exercise consisting of movements similar to those that will be in more intense exercise
  2. Acidosis
    • Accumulation of excessive hydrogen causing increased acidity of blood and muscles related to lactic acid
    • -Increased acid can= neuromuscular fatigue
  3. FITTE
    • Frequency
    • Intensity
    • Time
    • Type
    • Enjoyment
  4. Law of Thermodynamics
    Body fat reduction takes place when more energy being burned than consumed
  5. Indirect Calorimetry
    Measuring amount of O2 and CO2 exchanged in lungs (which equals what's used and released in body) to estimate caloric expenditure

    -Use a metabolic analyzer to detect RER (respiratory exchange rat)
  6. RER
    • Respiratory Exchange Rate
    • -Ratio of CO2 produced to the volume of O2 consumed
  7. EPOC
    • Excess Post Exercise Oxygen Consumption
    • -Elevation of bodies metabolism after exercise
    • -After exercise, body uses increased amounts of oxygen to replenish energy supplies, lower tissue temp, return body to resting state
  8. Heart Rate Zone 1
    -% of max heart rate
    -Energy System
    -Energy Source
    • Recovery Zone
    • 65-75%
    • Aerobic
    • Muscle glycogen and fatty acids
  9. Heart Rate Zone 2
    %of max HR
    Energy System
    Energy Source
    • Near anaerobic threshold
    • 80-85%
    • Aerobic/Anaerobic
    • Muscle glycogen and lactic acid
  10. Heart Rate Zone 3
    % of Max HR
    Energy System
    Energy Source
    • High Intensity
    • 86-90%
    • Anaerobic
    • ATP/CP and muscle glycogen
  11. Postural Considerations for Rounded Shoulders or Forward Head
    • -Stationary bikes, treadmills elliptical watch for rounding of shoulders a protruding head
    • -Steppers and treadmills watch for grasping of handles with over supinated or over pronated hand position=will cause elevated and protracted shoulders and head
    • -When TV is present, watch for excessive cervical extension or rotation of head
  12. Postural Considerations for Anteriorly Rotated Pelvis (Low Back Arches)
    • -Initial use of bike or stepper not warranted because hips are placed in constant flexion=shortened hip flexor comlex
    • -Treadmill speed kept to a controllable pace to avoid overstriding. Hips will cause low back to overextend= increased stress on lower back. Hip flexors stretches before and after
  13. Postural considerations for Feet Turn out or Knees move in
    • -All cardio equipment requires proper flex of ankle joint= emphasize foam rolling for calves, adductors, iliotibial band, tensor fascia latae (TFL) and lattissimus dorsi as well as hip flexor stretch
    • -Using treadmill and stepper that requires climbing or aerobics classes may be too extreme for constant repetition. Foam roll and keep pace at controllable speed
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