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  1. Root Cause Analysis
    • Asking questions on a step by step basis to discover the initial cause of a fault
    • -Helps uncover true motivations underlying superficial answers
  2. SCAMPI Goals
    • Specific
    • Challenging
    • Approach- goals should focus on desired end to meet rather than things to avoid
    • Measurable
    • Proximal- more near term goals
    • Inspirational- Goals consist with person's own ideals and ambitions
  3. Minimizing FUD
    fear, uncertainty, doubt
  4. Visualization
    Not only being able to visualize desired results (thinner, buffer) but must visualize the means to those ends
  5. Scheduled Negativity
    Schedule one time of day and one place to think negative thought. During workout, if negative thoughts arise, you remind yourself that there will be a set time to do that later
  6. Recording Your Own Progress
    Keep your own records of exercise and eating. Tell the client that in clinical studies, this kind of self monitoring has been shown to reduce alcohol consumption, smoking, disruptive behavior, nail biting, and hallucinations.

    More useful at the beginning of the training process
  7. READ
    • Rapport
    • Empathy
    • Assessment
    • Development
  8. Rapport
    • Communication to others:
    • 7% verbal
    • 55% physiology
    • 38% tone of voice
  9. Non Directive vs Directive Questions
    Non Directive= Questions that can't be answered with Yes or No

    Directive= Yes or no questions
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