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  1. What issue delayed Texas’ annexation to the US in 1836
    the slavery controversy in the US
  2. According to the annexation agreement between Texas and the US
    • All the above
    • -Texas was allowed to keep its public lands
    • -Congress would not pay off Texas’ debts
    • -Texas could create a maximum of four additional states
  3. Which statement best describes Texas politics for Anglos during the administration of Governor EJ Davis
    a world turned upside down
  4. The KKK, a white supremacist organization, first emerged in Texas
    during the reconstruction period
  5. Which is not an example of life in south Texas for Mexican Americans after the Second World war
    the start of public school integration
  6. The election of 1952 presented all of the following state and national political issues with the exception of which one
    several scandals marred the Franklin Roosevelt administration
  7. Texas’s first Republican US Senator since reconstruction was
    John Tower
  8. Approximately what percentage of children in Texas are without health insurance
    30 percent
  9. Which is not listed by the authors as an agent of political socialization
  10. According to Daniel Elazar how many distinct political subcultures exist
  11. Texas has what type of subculture according to Daniel Elazaar
    traditionalistic and individualistic
  12. Which is a true statement about Texas’s political subculture
    participation in politics is not as highly regarded as in those states with a moralistic culture
  13. Which is not a correct statement about Texas’s population growth
    texas is still predominantly rural and agrarian
  14. Which of the following statements about the U.S. Constitution and political parties is correct?
    No mention of political parties is made in the Constitution
  15. Political parties are essential to democracy because they provide a link
    between people and government
  16. Political parties are pragmatic because they are
    willing to compromise principles in order to gain public office
  17. During the nineteenth century, the Texas Democratic Party was challenged by which third party?
  18. Which of the following statements does not describe a belief of conservatives
    Conservatives are likely to support government unemployment compensation.
  19. Which of the following is not a belief of the Libertarian political party?
    Social Security is a sound system not in need of reform
  20. Which of the following statements is not generally true of liberals?
    They believe that individuals are essentially irrational.
  21. Which of the following statements about Texas’s conservative Democrats is correct
    Texas conservatives traditionally voted Democratic in state and local races but often refused to support the national Democratic candidates for president
  22. The rejuvenation of the Republican Party in Texas came in 1961 when ______ was elected to the U.S. Senate
    John Tower
  23. Swing voters are
    individuals who are not bound by party affiliation.
  24. The precinct convention is open to individuals who
    voted earlier in the day in that party’s primary
  25. The rules for selecting delegates to the respective parties’ national convention are best described by which statement
    The rules for both parties are somewhat complex
  26. The roles of a precinct chair includes all of the following except
    serving as a member of the state executive committee
  27. The transition from one dominant political party in the state to another is known as
  28. In recent years, polls have indicated that which of the following statements about political parties in Texas is true
    The Republican Party is possibly dominant
  29. The shift in party identification in the state can be attributed to all of the following reasons except
    • an emphasis on civil rights in the 1960’s and
    • 1970’s
  30. Texas has a plural executive, which means that
    the governor shares executive power with several other independently elected executives and boards
  31. The attorney general is the lawyer for which of the following
    • -all the above
    • state officials
    • state board members
    • state agencies

  32. What is the most important constitutional duty for the comptroller of public accounts
    certifying the approximate biennial revenue for the state
  33. The executive powers for the office of lieutenant governor comes from
    the legislative branch
  34. A system that gives elected officials considerable discretion in employment and promotion decisions is called
    a spoils system
  35. Government employees who expose bureaucratic excesses, blunders, corruption, or favoritism are called
  36. Bureaucracies are characterized by all of the following except
  37. Civil service is
    an employment system used by governments that takes merit into account in hiring and promotion
  38. Which state official is responsible for the certifying the state’s income and has the responsibility of being the chief tax collector?
    the comptroller of public accounts
  39. An interest group that benefits from the programs of the state administrative agencies is known as which of the following
    a clientele group
  40. Which of the following officials has ultimate responsibility for the actions of the Texas bureaucracy?
    No single official in the Texas government has ultimate responsibility
  41. Which of the following best describes a bureaucracy
    the system of nonelected officials administrating government policies and programs
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