Blood and Lymph system 2a

  1. lymph
    between the lungs  fluid originationg in the organs and the tissues of the body that circulatted therough the lymph vessels
  2. lymph capillaries
    microscopic vessels that draw lymph from the tissues to the from the lymph vessels
  3. lymph vessels

    • vessels that recive lymph from the tissues from the lymph capillaries and cirulate it to the lymoh nodes
    • -specializes lymph vessels in the small intestine that absorb fat into the blood stream (laceus+milky)
    • -chyle a white or plae yellow sustance of the lymph that contains fatty substances absorbed by lacteals 
  4. lymph nodes
    many small oval structures that filter the lymph recieved 
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Blood and Lymph system 2a
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