1. to cry wolf
    cry DANGER when there is
  2. it's a can of
    to have plenty of problems
  3. to worm one's way out of a problem
    get out of a problem without being noticed
  4. to have ants in your pants
    be nervous, excited
  5. to go ape over sb.
    be really mad at sb.
  6. to fish or cut bait
    to settle a decision
  7. be as blind as a bat
    problems in seeing correctly
  8. be hungry as a bear
  9. as busy as a beaver
    work hard
  10. birds and bees
    facts about fucking
  11. to have bats in your belfry
    eine Meise haben
  12. a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush
    better to have one good thint than having two bad ones
  13. birds of a feather flock together
    same people alway stick together
  14. the straw that broke the camels back
    der tropfen der das fass zum überlaufen bringt
  15. the cat has one's tongue
    sb. doesn't know what to say
  16. curiosity killed the cat
  17. you look like sth the cat dragged in
    look like ascarecrow
  18. more than one way to skin a cat
    many ways to solve a problem
  19. when the cat's away the mice will play
    as soon as the authority is away everyone will freak out
  20. that's chicken feed
    little money
  21. a cock and bull story
    a lie
  22. talk until the cows come home
    talk with no break
  23. sacred cow
    a taboo
  24. have to eat crow
  25. as sick as a dog
    don't feel well at all
  26. dog and pony show
    much advertisement
  27. let sleeping dogs lie
    don't bring up unnecessary problems!
  28. every dog has his day
    everyone is lucky from time to time
  29. it's a dog eat dog world
    everyone wants to be the best
  30. as easy as duck soup
    very easy
  31. get your ducks in a row
    get ready
  32. an eager beaver
    be very eager
  33. be as slippery as an eel
    be too perfect
  34. have egg on your face
    be in an uncomfortable situation
  35. a white elephant
    sth large, expensive
  36. that gets my goat (Ziege)
    be annoyed by so.
  37. he cooked my goose
    ruin someone else's project
  38. be on a wild goose chase
    desperate trace
  39. watch so like a hawk
    watch so carefully
  40. red herring
    wrong trace
  41. eat high on the hog
    live/eat well, luxory
  42. go whole hog
    do sth to its limits
  43. beat a dead horse
    waste time
  44. hold your horses
    wait for sth
  45. get sth straight from the horse's mouth
    get information directly
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