Nutrition handout

  1. How can you prevent or reduce obesity
    improved eating by controling total calorie intake, and appropriate calorie for life stage

    physical activity
  2. What is the DRV of sodium if a person is hypertensive, 51 or older, African American, has diabetes, or chronic kidney failure
    1500 mg
  3. What percentage of calories from saturated fat should be reaplaced by mono and polysaturated fatty acids
  4. How much cholesterol should be consumed per day
    lesss than 300 mg
  5. How can you keep trans fats consumption low
    limit foods with synthetic sources
  6. What are examples of trans fat sources
    • hydrogenated oil
    • solid fats
  7. If alchol is cosumed what is the recommendation for a day
    • 1 per woman
    • 2 per male
  8. What types of grain consumption should be limited
    refined grains(especially w/solid fat, sodium, and sugars added)
  9. What shoukd we reduce our calorie intake of
    solid fats& added sugar
  10. What portion of our grains should be whole grain?
    at least 1/2
  11. What nutrients should  women who can become pregnant increase
    • heme
    • vitamin C rich foods
    • 400 mcg of folic acid
  12. If you are breastfeeding or pregnant what should you avoid and why
    • tuna- no more than 6 oz
    • tilefish
    • shark
    • swordfish
    • king mackeral
    • due to high mercury count
  13. How much seafood should you consume if pregnant
    8-12 oz seafood
  14. What type of supplement should a pregnant or nursing mother take
  15. If a person is over 50 what vitamin should they increase in their diet
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